Hello hello hello.

How much I enjoyed reading all your comments to my last post on lagaandvd.com !!! I was absolutely in splits. And, I have to admit, also very touched by your responses.

As I said earlier currently I am launching my site with only two features, one is my blog which will continue as before, and the second is a chat which I am rather looking forward to. Given my time constraints I have not been able to work on other features but I’ll keep adding them as we go along. For your convenience I am repeating some of the time lines that I mentioned in my last post.

1. lagaandvd.com will cease to function sometime on 10th Oct. All the posts on this blog will carry forward into the archives of aamirkhan.com, so you can still access all the earlier posts and comments.

2. www.aamirkhan.com should have been operational from 10th Oct at 12:01am Indian Standard Time. And hopefully my first post on aamirkhan.com will be up then. (Which if you are reading then all is in order).

3. On 10th Oct, i.e. tonight, at 9pm Indian Standard Time (IST) I will come on for my first LIVE chat with y’all. I will remain live for precisely one hour 9pm to 10pm. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED BEFORE THAT. And feel free to use the chat even before I come on, and I’ll join you’ll at 9pm.

4. On 11th Oct I will reveal to y’all the first images of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.
This will be through a curtain raiser that will be on the site www.taarezameenpar.com . Remember I had promised that y’all will be the first to see anything of the film. Well here it is. This curtain raiser breaks world wide in theatres on 12th Oct, but you can see it on the 11th at www.taarezameenpar.com .

5. On 12th Oct the curtain raiser breaks in theatres world wide and I would really like it if y’all could catch it on the BIG screen, 5.1 Dolby surround sound and all. And yes it will be released outside of India as well, in theatres where, I presume, Indian films are usually shown.

6. On 13th Oct I will once again come on live from 8pm to 9pm IST. By now I’ll be dying with anxiety to hear what you’ll think of the curtain raiser.

Based on the problems y’all pointed out in the earlier blog Carlton and his team from HUNGAMA.COM, Kalpendu, Nishant, Ninad, Aditya, Manesh and Tarun have made alterations. Let me know what you think. Also keep suggesting ideas for what other features I can have on this site. I have some ideas but suggestions are welcome. Also I have made note of the request by a lot of you’ll regarding bloggers who misbehave, I think we will try to address that problem as best as we can.

So welcome once again, and see you’ll on the chat at 9pm.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 10:43 PM
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1045. trainer
Posted on Feb,13,2009 at 01:59 PM
Spelling mistake " Aamir "
Apologies :(

1044. trainer
Posted on Feb,13,2009 at 01:58 PM
Hi Mr.Amir Khan,
As you are on the pinnacle of success, just have a quick
How to you handle " Critisism " ?

Thanks & Regards
Priya Khera

1043. JesusMohamed
Posted on Feb,09,2009 at 07:56 PM
Hi there.

1042. vandnna
Posted on Jan,25,2009 at 01:03 PM
Hey Aamir,

This is Vandana Bhasin from USA. Till today I was under a
dillusion that ur name is Amir and I I got to know it only after
visit your website.. .. This is my first time to any official
website of anyone actually, so I am not sure how the privacy and
confidentiality is maintained.. umm.. I saw your film Ghajini at
home on internet. I am sorry, but that's how we all get to see
most of the Bollywood movies here in US. I loved in Sanjay
Singhania's role. I guess, you were best suited for this role
and as usual you have given your best performances.
I am not sure if this is the correct place where i could write to
you, hope you get to read it though..

I wish i could also get to chat with you someday, but not as per
IST :) Looking forward..


1041. tfidson
Posted on Jan,21,2009 at 06:24 PM
I'm your biggest fan all the way from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. My
name's Tasneem. It will indeed be a pleasure if you read this
comment. Its a real surprise You had a blog and i didnt know. I'm
your friend like since for-ever.

What great body you have built in Ghajini Aamir! I loved Taare
Zameen Par, it was a very touching movie..

I would be so greatful if i meet u in person one day. I knw you
are a great person. Its jst so cute and beautiful the way you
keep in touch with your fans with the blog, and also you come
here to chat! Absolutely heartwarming.. I'm more than happy to be
a part of this blog.. And will be waiting to talk to you on chat,
and Insha allah meet you one day personally :-) :-)
lots of love and wishes,
ur greatest fan,

1040. Mohsin1993
Posted on Jan,11,2009 at 07:30 PM
Asalamwalekum Aamir
You beat shahrukh,salman,akshay by releasing ghajini. I hope yeh
India ki sabse badi picture bani rahe. Aap bollywood ke badshah
hai.Aur baki sab stars hai.
I love u a lot . Plz hum chote loge ko aisi picture dete rahyi.

Allah hafiz.

1039. alok_raja
Posted on Jan,03,2009 at 03:20 PM
hey little genius

I am going to watch gajini today evening when i know i wont like
it as i have to draw comparison between memento and gajini . Well
an original actor like you chose an adaptation not just from a
tamil movie but from an english memento. Memento was not that
not great a movie , gajini i gotta find out today. Amir make
horror flick this time coz i am sure bollywood has never made a
genuine horror film let alone genuine not even one that comes
anywhere around a c grade hollywood horror . Pls think about it i
want you to be in a horror film preying on shahrukh , he he he
just kidding
joy, kolkata

1038. deep_wb
Posted on Jan,01,2009 at 07:49 PM
Aamir sir, i m a bengali nd 2 me after Satyajit if someone stands
in indian cinema its u....pls carry on ur good works and i would
really love 2 meet u someday...there r lots of great stories in
indian literature if u could select some of them and make some
more great films....ofcourse no more Devdas

1037. caligirl01
Posted on Dec,31,2008 at 07:30 PM
please e-mail me at : cali_girl129@hotmail.com .....i salute you
for being such a person and I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU! If i get to
work with u in the future inshallah i hope you really enjoy the
time! please e-mail me cuz i luv u !

1036. caligirl01
Posted on Dec,31,2008 at 07:27 PM
Salam. I am so very touched by watching your films ghajini and
taare zameen par and i really hope that i get to work with you in
a film . I can call myself your biggest fan because i have
pictures of you all over my house and I believe in you as being
the perfectionist! I love you as my favorite actor! PLEASE REPLY!

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