Hello hello hello.

How much I enjoyed reading all your comments to my last post on lagaandvd.com !!! I was absolutely in splits. And, I have to admit, also very touched by your responses.

As I said earlier currently I am launching my site with only two features, one is my blog which will continue as before, and the second is a chat which I am rather looking forward to. Given my time constraints I have not been able to work on other features but I’ll keep adding them as we go along. For your convenience I am repeating some of the time lines that I mentioned in my last post.

1. lagaandvd.com will cease to function sometime on 10th Oct. All the posts on this blog will carry forward into the archives of aamirkhan.com, so you can still access all the earlier posts and comments.

2. www.aamirkhan.com should have been operational from 10th Oct at 12:01am Indian Standard Time. And hopefully my first post on aamirkhan.com will be up then. (Which if you are reading then all is in order).

3. On 10th Oct, i.e. tonight, at 9pm Indian Standard Time (IST) I will come on for my first LIVE chat with y’all. I will remain live for precisely one hour 9pm to 10pm. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED BEFORE THAT. And feel free to use the chat even before I come on, and I’ll join you’ll at 9pm.

4. On 11th Oct I will reveal to y’all the first images of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.
This will be through a curtain raiser that will be on the site www.taarezameenpar.com . Remember I had promised that y’all will be the first to see anything of the film. Well here it is. This curtain raiser breaks world wide in theatres on 12th Oct, but you can see it on the 11th at www.taarezameenpar.com .

5. On 12th Oct the curtain raiser breaks in theatres world wide and I would really like it if y’all could catch it on the BIG screen, 5.1 Dolby surround sound and all. And yes it will be released outside of India as well, in theatres where, I presume, Indian films are usually shown.

6. On 13th Oct I will once again come on live from 8pm to 9pm IST. By now I’ll be dying with anxiety to hear what you’ll think of the curtain raiser.

Based on the problems y’all pointed out in the earlier blog Carlton and his team from HUNGAMA.COM, Kalpendu, Nishant, Ninad, Aditya, Manesh and Tarun have made alterations. Let me know what you think. Also keep suggesting ideas for what other features I can have on this site. I have some ideas but suggestions are welcome. Also I have made note of the request by a lot of you’ll regarding bloggers who misbehave, I think we will try to address that problem as best as we can.

So welcome once again, and see you’ll on the chat at 9pm.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 10:43 PM
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1065. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:30 PM
In a white immaculate « kameez » he smiles and greets me. I get
up and greet him too, a little clumsily. I am moved and a bit
embarras-sed at the same time. He looks extremely busy even if he
tries not to show it. He makes me comfortable with his legendary
kindness. I look at him. He is even more hadsome off screen. He
looks like a teenager despite being a man. We are the same age
and I feel as if the steeples night I just had makes me look like
an auntie who is visiting him from Europe. I speak a bit loudly,
in order to appear more relaxed. Aamir senses it. He offers me
some candy. We spark a conversation. Aamir, with his impeccable
English, and myself, with my hesitating English and my strong
French accent. He listens to me, patiently, talk about his last
film and my impressions. About Lagaan which is a chef d’śuvre.
About myself, my family, France, the bloggeurs, the blog.



1064. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:29 PM
Yes! The blog! He opens his eyes wide in confusion. He must be
thinking that he ought to post something but is so overloaded
with work. I look at him. He is so touching. I get the feeling
that he would like to make the whole world happy. But he lacks
time for all the things he would like to do.

I look at Mister S., standing not far from us, who shows some
signs of impatience. Work and appointements await.
Aamir must return to the studios where he is working on his
recent film « 3 Idiots ».

I feel so at ease with him that I remain stuck to my chair. I
forget the elementarye rules of politeness that would require me
to stand up and leave my host to continue his activity.
In spite of this, I finally end up regretfully leaving my chair.



1063. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:29 PM
I thank Aamir and I start walking towards the door when,
suddenly, Aamir gets a hold of me and squeezes me in his arms
with all his strength. I am stunned and happy at the same time. I
lay my head on his shoulder. I breathe in his sweet smell. I am
drunken with happiness. Mister S. looks at us, taken aback. I put
some distance between us and I try to reason Aamir. I promise him
to be back, but, despaired he hangs on to me. I then…

- « CUT! CUT! CUT! « 
- « Shame on you Jamila! Why are you lying? »
- « Please! Tell the truth! »
- « OK! OK! I will say the truth! Booooooooo… gnagnagna! » Lol!



1062. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:28 PM
The truth is that Aamir must leave. I feel as though he would
have liked to continue the conversation but work awaits. I
therefore politely stand up, and, in a moment of affection I give
him a Big French Bisous, one on each cheek. I only realize
afterwards that I made his cheeks fall off. Loll!

Mister S. leads me towards the exit and I join Aslam, totally
delighted. To celebrate this event, I invite Aslam to the
restaurant. He knows an excellent one and we spend a very nice
moment at a table served with spicy dishes, just the way I like
them. Hmm! What a delight! I do not tell him about my visit to
Aamir. I consider that is necessary for me to be discreet, by
respect and affection. This is very understantable. I am sure
most of you would agree. I would later be able to speak on the
phone with Padna, one of the bloggeurs who called me from New
Delhi and to share with her all my joy.



1061. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:27 PM
I spend my last two days in Mumbai visiting the city with Aslam
and Punam, happy and joyful.

Mumbai! Fascinating City!

Mumbai! So vibrating!

Mumbai! A highly populated city in which people do not hesitate
to give visitors a warm and kind welcome.

Mumbai! You conquered me!

Lost in my thoughts, I remain silent during the whole trip to the
airport. It is 4 o’clock in the morning when Aslam comes to pick
me up at the hotel. My luggage is ready to burst, we load it in
the car and in the night’s silence I discover Mumbai as it
sleeps. The road slips in front of us. No one speaks. Silence is
loaded with emotion.



1060. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 10:54 PM

At the airport, Aslam and I drink one last coffee together. It is
no longer a taxi driver to whom I am saying good bye. He is now
more than a friend! He is a brother that I hug and kiss, warmly
promising him to call as soon as I have arrived home. I am moved.
I hurry. I laugh a last laugh in order not to start crying.

« Bye Bye Mumbai! »

The airplane takes off! My eyes cannot stop looking through the
window. My head is full of images and my heart full of joy and
love. I am tired but happy at the same time. My eyelids are
heavy. Images play in my head. Aslam, sweet Punam, the charming
Ali, Mr Mukherji, blogger friends on the telephone : Lalitha,
Padna, Ginak, Ark, Axxay…and others Manam, my first driver.
Lovely Miss B… Mr S…Aamir…Aamir….My dear Aamir…I stroke my lips…
my eyelids are heavy. …I gently unwind…. Sleep encompas-ses me… I
unwind… I slip… Gently…. I slip…. I slip….. slip…. On the
softness of his lips….




1059. musulmane
Posted on Feb,25,2009 at 12:20 PM
My trip to Mumbai or Bombay! You choose…Loll!

…Let me tell you about my extraordinary journey to India.

First, I must confess that my family had no idea I was
travelling. . You see, being from a family of North African
origin, I would certainly have been entitled to disparaging to
all types of remarks Even if I am an adult woman my mother still
considers me to be her eternal little girl (lol).You know, in a
way , .the Algerian family is like the Indian family, maybe too
much love which sometimes ends by being a bit stifling So, I
preferred to remain silent and for once in my life, to take a
"break" to find me alone with myself. Like a free bird. And it's
so good, you know!



1058. musulmane
Posted on Feb,25,2009 at 12:20 PM

I departed from my hometown in France to the airport in
Barcelona, . My sister took me there in her car and picked me up
to return to France. After a bit of waiting at the airport, I'm
boarded a plane to Helsinki, Finland, for a stopover . There was
a very long wait at .the airport in Helsinki and finally my
flight to Mumbai was announced
I was finally going! So excited!!!

The flight lasted 9 hours and finally we land!
BOMBAY! Here I am! I am moved!

(P. 2)


1057. musulmane
Posted on Feb,25,2009 at 12:19 PM
After moving through customs, I dragged my bag to get a taxi. I
gave the address of my hotel to the driver. After a few miles, my
driver stopped at a gas station to buy some fuel and then
presented me the bill, naturally.
I chuckled as I realized I had bumped upon a smart guy! Amused, I
also suggest he gets his car checked and fixed by the mechanic.
He understood, of course. He giggled. So did I. He started his
old smoking clunker again, driving dangerously within the
streets.of Mumbai. Like a merchandise being rolled around, I hang
on as I can, discovering for the first time, all around me, the
illuminated streets of Mumbai. It's so lively! I feel that I am
going to have great fun. Loll!



1056. musulmane
Posted on Feb,25,2009 at 12:19 PM
Arrival at the Hotel, employees give me a warm welcome. My room
is spacious, clean and comfortable with a balcony overlooking the
main avenue. I put my things down, I take a shower and fall down
on the bed, exhausted but happy. I am free! For a couple of
After a good rest, I wake up. It was afternoon and I had time to
go a walk.
I joined the multicoloured crowd, letting myself be guided by
movement, at random, in the streets of this gigantic city full of
energy.;.breathing those odours that seemed so familiar and
noticing a lot of physical similarities in the people, the
architectural and this atmosphere which reminds me, so strongly,
my origin country, Algeria. I felt like if I was at home.



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