Hello hello hello.

How much I enjoyed reading all your comments to my last post on lagaandvd.com !!! I was absolutely in splits. And, I have to admit, also very touched by your responses.

As I said earlier currently I am launching my site with only two features, one is my blog which will continue as before, and the second is a chat which I am rather looking forward to. Given my time constraints I have not been able to work on other features but I’ll keep adding them as we go along. For your convenience I am repeating some of the time lines that I mentioned in my last post.

1. lagaandvd.com will cease to function sometime on 10th Oct. All the posts on this blog will carry forward into the archives of aamirkhan.com, so you can still access all the earlier posts and comments.

2. www.aamirkhan.com should have been operational from 10th Oct at 12:01am Indian Standard Time. And hopefully my first post on aamirkhan.com will be up then. (Which if you are reading then all is in order).

3. On 10th Oct, i.e. tonight, at 9pm Indian Standard Time (IST) I will come on for my first LIVE chat with y’all. I will remain live for precisely one hour 9pm to 10pm. SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED BEFORE THAT. And feel free to use the chat even before I come on, and I’ll join you’ll at 9pm.

4. On 11th Oct I will reveal to y’all the first images of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR.
This will be through a curtain raiser that will be on the site www.taarezameenpar.com . Remember I had promised that y’all will be the first to see anything of the film. Well here it is. This curtain raiser breaks world wide in theatres on 12th Oct, but you can see it on the 11th at www.taarezameenpar.com .

5. On 12th Oct the curtain raiser breaks in theatres world wide and I would really like it if y’all could catch it on the BIG screen, 5.1 Dolby surround sound and all. And yes it will be released outside of India as well, in theatres where, I presume, Indian films are usually shown.

6. On 13th Oct I will once again come on live from 8pm to 9pm IST. By now I’ll be dying with anxiety to hear what you’ll think of the curtain raiser.

Based on the problems y’all pointed out in the earlier blog Carlton and his team from HUNGAMA.COM, Kalpendu, Nishant, Ninad, Aditya, Manesh and Tarun have made alterations. Let me know what you think. Also keep suggesting ideas for what other features I can have on this site. I have some ideas but suggestions are welcome. Also I have made note of the request by a lot of you’ll regarding bloggers who misbehave, I think we will try to address that problem as best as we can.

So welcome once again, and see you’ll on the chat at 9pm.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 10:43 PM
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1075. Aimal_Khan
Posted on May,25,2009 at 02:08 PM
Aamir I think that is would be a news for you that you have about
20 milon fans in Afghanistan and i am the biggest fan among them.

a fan from Afghanistan

1074. sush_23
Posted on Apr,28,2009 at 04:53 PM

i am new to the blog

Dearest Aamir

My mum is your great fan, my aunt is your great fan but I am
greatest of em all..

I've been watching your movies from the very moment i got to
know what a movie is

Ghajini was awesome..I heartily congratulate you on its success.

Love You.

1073. aamirjaan
Posted on Apr,20,2009 at 06:24 AM
Jaan if you realy exist in real world, give me a sign.ur just in
my dreams since 15 years. i' v come far away to india just to
meet u, but as ur dream boy,reachng u is next to impossible. king
of hearts eagrly waiting for u to respond..

1072. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:55 PM

Before I start telling you about my famous encounter with Aamir,
let me write a bit more about my stay in Mumbai. Come on! No need
to get upset! Be patient! Lol!

Well! Aslam, my driver and friend, took me to visit the city and
replied to all my questions. He knew the city Inside and out. We
appreciated each other’s humour. True happiness covered me as I
discovered Bombay. First, the « Hanging Gardens ». Magnificent!
We took some pictures. I started talking to a group of joyous
children that were playing there. A Young boy, 10 years old,
tried to sell me a fan made of Peacok Feather. His name was Ali
and he spoke the same sentence in several languages, French too.
I was amazed. I asked what clas.s he was in school



1071. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:55 PM

He replied me that he did not go to school because he had to
work to help his family. I was a bit shocked and upset about
this. I found his beautiful smile so touching. I took him in my
arms and asked Aslam to take a picture of us both.
We chatted away and shared a delicious popsicle.
Before I left, I bought all of his fans, convinced that they
would make marvellous souvenirs to take back home. Summer is just
around the corner! Loll!



1070. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:49 PM
We chatted away and shared a delicious popsicle.
Before I left, I bought all of his fans, convinced that they
would make marvellous souvenirs to take back home. Summer is just
around the corner! Loll!

Aslam drove me next to « India Gate ». This was for me a must see
for I could not avoid thinking of a scene in the flm « Mann » in
which Aamir waits the whole night for his beloved to show up
I smile. Pas-sers-by look at me with curiosity. Loll!

I notice the majestic Taj Mahal Hotel standing and facing the
sea. I rember the terrible events that plunged the landmark into
deep mourning. I am sad. Aslam notices it and kindly suggests we
go to the shops. I let myself be guided.



1069. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:47 PM
The store overflows with magnificent clothes. I let myself be
tempted by some « punjabi suits » in sparkling colors. I even
decide to start wearing one right then and there. I look Indian!
No! I am Indian!

We then ventured towards the city centre. Traffic was extremely
dense. I could not help but notice that pollution seems to be
practically nonexistent despite the town’s colossal activity. We
stop at the « Dhobi Gaat », the immense laundry washing centre of
Bombay. Archaic but impressive! The long lines of impeccable
clean linen extends throughout several kilometers.

Next, Aslam and I entered a jewelry store where I was received
with a warm welcome. The client is king! I chose some beautiful
and intricate « anklets », a nice pair of finely chiseled
bracelets for my mother and a delicate pair of earrings for
myself, I was not forgetting to treat myself. Lol



1068. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:47 PM
The day ended. A day filled with experiences. I returned to the
hotel exhausted, dreaming of a good shower and some well
deserved rest.

Once in my hotel room, I have just finished getting dressed when
someone knocks at the door. It is Mister Mukherji, a hotel
employee, who, upon my request, has brought his cousin, a tailor.
Of course! How could I have forgotten! Obviously! Lol!

We enter a small adjacent room and after having chosen several
fabrics and models the tailor takes my measurments and leaves. I
then remain alone, in my room, with one wish only : to rest.

10:00 in the evening, I am lying in bed, looking at Hindi pop
videos on TV. I am tired but cannot sleep. This is the day before
my encounter with Aamir.



1067. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:46 PM

I end up going to sleep but 1 hour later the phone starts
ringing. It is my sister, Nadia. Mom has been hospitalized. The
call is interrupted. I am totally awake and in a state of
anguish. My sister did sound relaxed as she explained that my
mother was just there for a routine examination. She tried to
provide reas-surance. Despite this, I can no longer sleep. I try
to read, watch TV, I wait for the morning to arrive.
As soon as the sun is up I take a shower and put on some jeans. I
need to take a walk, breathe and evacuate my anxiety.
It is on that same day, February 15 2009, that I shall meet
The reflection on the Mirror shows a young woman with tired
traits. I try to conceal my undereye circles by wearing some
make-up. I usually do not like make up and prefer a natural look
but I wish to look my best in front of Aamir. At least I try.
Hum… Ha! Women…! Loll!



1066. musulmane
Posted on Feb,26,2009 at 11:30 PM

Is it possible to catch an Angel? It is basically one of my
trip’s goals. A bit crazy, isn’t it? Exciting! Delirious!
Fascinatin! To see Aamir and die…! Lol!

The door opens! Mister S. asks me to enter an office and invites
me to sit down. He kindly offers me tea or coffee. It will be tea
for me. I have started liking tea in India and I also need to
quench my thirst, as my throat is dry due to the excitement.
I raise my eyes, Aamir is there, in front of me.



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