The butterflies are waking up!   

Back in my hotel room after a hard day full of interviews. This is a really mad trip. Two days in each city with back to back interviews.

Managed to steal time to meet a really close friend in New Jersey. Always feels really nice when I meet him.

Iím flying to Dubai next, then Mumbai, then to Melbourne where Peepli Live is being screened at the Melbourne Film Festival on the 6th of Aug.

As 13th Aug gets closer the butterflies in my stomach are really beginning to flutter around. Have lost my appetite and my sleep.

Iím really depending on you guys this time round for support. This is an especially tough one with no big stars and a film based in a rural background. For those of you living outside India please tell all your friends, neighbours, collegues, gardners etc, who may not have ever seen an Indian film before, to give this one a try. Assuming you like it of course.

Am planning a live chat on fb. Will keep yíall posted on date and time.



Posted by Aamir Khan at 07:56 AM
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1224. vickyaa
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 11:18 PM

Fact is to some question in last 3 years You have never answered
me, Maybe you dont like it and dont want to answer it So I have
giving up but here is 3 question which answer I have never got
from you

1) Have you checked my site
2) Do you remember me ?
3) Who is your all time Loyal fan :

LAst 2 question the stupidities question But I had a..sked Now I
know why you have never answered, However My first question is a
Idiotic question and I just want answer to that question.

I will be in Chat room but whether you will be able to see me is
a big question :-) I will see you but whether you will see me our
there is another question :-) I am full of question A big
Question Mark :-)

Love you and Take care of yourself. Again Please dont stress
yourself and take medicine on time to recover soon The Charmer
and The Emperor

Long live the Emperor.

1223. vickyaa
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 11:17 PM

I will just watch the Chat online and will not post anything a..s
whatever I want to you I will our here in this Blog
at least there will be some chance of Me getting an answer a..s
I know it is going to be a madhouse in chat and all question will
go so fast that all my messages will go in flow, at least here it
stay and whenever you have time you glance at it, whether you
reply or no it is a different question but at least you read what
we have to write and that is a enough satisfaction for me, I
always wanted you to know what I feel and I have writing about
the same with a satisfaction that you have read it :-)

1222. tajmmulM
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 11:16 PM
Asalamualykum amirkhan ramdan Mubarak app kaise ho. ek Sab se
badi naki karo kisi ka dil mat todo.jiyo jindagi muskurate huwey
mager Rona bhi na ko hum apni kahaniya Dena chate hai
please ke chance do.happy indipandence day.Allah hafiz

1221. derrickrj786
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 11:16 PM
@vickyaa watever i thought in mind you wrote it here....tat's y
i'm not happy even AK says he is coming for a video chat....

1220. vickyaa
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 11:08 PM
Rashmi you just have to fix the mike and speaker a.s it is only
going to be a chat online not video chat yes you will be able to
see him and able to hear hi, I am telling you dont keep any hope
of chatting with him a..s it is going to be a Mad house a..s
there will be around million of people at same time all wanting
Aamir to reply them revert them, shouting, screaming giving
threat, balckmailing all sort of thing will happen , Pity on
Aamir How he will be able to answer all of them at one time.

1219. vickyaa
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 10:58 PM

Good night and sweet dream, Hope so you are feeling well and your
throat is feeling all well not sore. Aamir again if you are not
really feeling well please post pone the chat to saturday we wont
mind, health first, even if you dont come on chat we will still
watch your movie and will always respect you, The Emperor Who
rules our heart.

Please take care of your health and dont stress yourself we are
with you always and will always be by your side.

Love you forever

1218. vickyaa
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 10:57 PM

Saw Rangeela, HHRPK and Ghulam at same time Isnt it a record
Which make me feel Does Aamir see his movie on TV if Yes what
exactly he think about the same.Does he like what he has done.
ALso I feel we get so excited to see the movie when it releases
that we are ready to spend thousand of Rupees, But after few
months all Movie come on Tv and we dont bother also. Human being
cant understand them.

I am telling When we know all movie come on Tv after few month
why to waste money when it releases, But than I am ready to spent
few thousand on peepli live when I know it is going to come on Tv
after few month, human being Really cant understand them me first

1217. hiteshkhan
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 10:37 PM
@ wittlack

arre bhai jo tumne dekha wo recorded tha bhais aahab aur wo aamir
ke comments se pehle hi shoot ho chka hai

1216. rajatidiot
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 10:35 PM
Sir, plz mujhe chance de do, aapko meri kasam.... plz Sir mai bhi
to aapkan fan hu...ek chance Sir plz

1215. nitin_m
Posted on Aug,10,2010 at 10:19 PM
aamir sir me aur meri family aapki magnetic fan hai aapki film 3
idiot maine 4 times dekhi hai meri beti 1.5 years ki hai aur jab
bhi aapko t v screen pe dekhti hai tab ' All is well ' ke badle
me ' Aa ji jaa ' bolti hai hum sab aapko milna chahte hai lekin
yeh bat impposible hai lekin badme yeh bat yaad aati hai ke
nothing is impposible aur mera 7 saal ka beta Aryan bhi aapko
milna chahta hai so pls hamara sapna kabhi poora hoga ? Aur
Hamari family ki tarafse peepli live ke liye dher sari
subhkamnaye aapki film super duper ke bhi uper ho.

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