SSC Results.   

Here is an article I wrote for Mid Day.


The SSC results are about to be announced and this takes me back to my school days. I remember being petrified of exams, even more petrified of the results. The red lines on my report card were demeaning, disheartening, and most discouraging. How could I face my friends and family? Shame! Broken self-esteem.

I remember I used to have nightmares. In fact, after having put in a distance of more than 20 years between myself and my last exam, I still havenít managed to escape the cold fear of exams and results. I still wake up with the shivers after a nightmare about going blank in front of a question paper with time running out.

I am sure there many children out there who go through similar emotions and are currently in a state of panic about the impending SSC results. Kids, donít be afraid. Just chill. All izzz well!

Donít look upon the SSC Boards as a milestone in your life, itís just another stone with many miles on it! You have a long way to go and many more important exams to face. Not the school or college exams, but the exams of life. And those are the ones to be prepared for. The mark sheets to look out for are not the ones printed on some paper, but the ones on the faces of the people you love. Those are the mark sheets that matter. Bring a smile on the face of your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, and you have done well in the exam of life.

I remember that the one person who always gave me strong support and encouragement even after bad results was my father. My mom would complain and tell him that I had failed in Marathi or History or something and he would laugh it off and say ďWhat? You failed in only 2 subjects? I always failed in at least 4!Ē ďDonít worry about exams,Ē he always said, ďjust have a good time in school and be honest.Ē Honesty was always a big one for him. It genuinely never bothered him that I had done badly. And when I look back now I realize that it was probably because of his utter and absolute belief in me, and his strong support, that I grew up with confidence in myself. Had he lost faith in me I would NEVER have been able to reach where I have in life, and achieve what I have.

Parents, there is a strong lesson here for all of us. Tomorrow the SSC results will be out. I want each of you to remember that we need to accept our children as they are. Your child might fail, or get average marks, or might miss by half a percent the result that you may desire, either way, I want you to accept him/her as he/she is. Is the mark sheet more important or is your child more important?

Do not be disappointed with one exam. Life has so much to offer. Each one of us is special. And for each one of us to do well in life we need the encouragement and support of the people who love us, especially our parents. REMEMBER THE MARK SHEET OF LIFE. And this mark sheet has only 3 subjects Ė love, caring and happiness. Fame, success and money are calculated on some other mark sheet, and they cannot compete with the value of love, caring and happiness. Let us, as parents, not to fail in the exam of life. Remember our face is also a mark sheet, as is the face of our beloved child. Let us see really high scores on each and every face this time!

This exam, no matter what the marks of the child, I want every parent to hug his/her child when they come home with their results. Try it, and see the power of love. See what it did to me when I came home to my father.

This exam I would like teachers and principals to click photos NOT WITH THE TOPPERS but with the students who have not done as well. Reach out not to the toppers but to the ones at the other end. Give them your encouragement and support, they need it much more.

Kids, any problems with your parents, show them TZP and 3i. You have the power to change the world no matter how much you have scored in your exams. The whole wide world is ahead of you to enjoy and contribute to in small and big ways.

By the way, did any of you know what Gandhiji scored in his Matriculation Exams (which is equivalent to our SSC boards today)?


Now do you believe me?

Posted by Aamir Khan at 01:17 AM
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1832. agnitap
Posted on Jul,19,2010 at 10:57 PM
Hi Aamir,
Great article. I can relate to this and definitely wish parents
understood this. I have similar nightmares aswell.

After moving to the US, I've been successful. The philosophy that
I should follow my dreams was drilled in here. That's how America
runs. However, not everyone is talented an extent that makes them
get to the top. A whole majority of people are average. They may
be better off putting some effort and getting a degree vs. trying
to become an actor. You have to be realistic to some extent. The
biggest hardship is realizing your strengths and weaknesses.
Knowing it makes all the differences. 20% of the population
supports 80% of the population in the US. There is a reason why
Indians have made a huge name in the US. That's because we

1831. madithi
Posted on Jul,19,2010 at 05:07 PM
aamir ji,if u get an opportunity to watch siddharth and genelia
starred telugu movie "BOMMARILLU",do watch it....well

1830. madithi
Posted on Jul,19,2010 at 05:03 PM
Hi aamir ji,this is the first time i visited u'r blog...u'r
article is simply awesome.. .I have seen u'r movies TZP and 3I
more than a copule of times....everytime i watch the movie 3I,i
see myself in it....every parent shud realise that the kind of
support,love and encouragement they give would make their
children confident enough in pursuing their dreams....what's
lacking in today's world is appreciation....if the child doesn't
get such support from their parents,where would the child seek it
from....aamir ji,u showcased every feeling on screen very
well....I firmly believe that more than anythingelse such as
pollution,globalwarming,terrorism ,this is the major

1829. zain2010
Posted on Jul,18,2010 at 07:52 PM

1828. wandererbo
Posted on Jul,18,2010 at 04:43 AM
Calculations which used to take hours and charts and tables, can
be done over a simple excel sheet now. Technology is the great
leveller. So IQ is slowly giving way to EQ. Aane wala samay is
all about soft skills, which are not validated over a two hour
examination paper. The future generations will have to make their
grade out in the world, and believe me, those greats will not
have a lot to do with the SSC grades!

1827. la_giocond
Posted on Jul,15,2010 at 09:21 PM
Akhilpatel610, you've really brought up a great and crucial
global problem. I'm gland to see that people are still
considering matters like this. I just want you to know that I
appreciate and admire your move in using clean forms of
transportation and energy! I live in the U.S. and because of the
modern society we are suffering from the diaster of the "Gulf Oil
Spill" (I'm sure you've heard of it on the news). Our demand for
easy living is causing more harm than help..billions of gallons
of raw oil is being spilled into waters of the coast from deep
sea oil supplies as we speak! It was only a matter of seconds
that caused the pollution of the gulf water...but now it will
take decades for the marine ecosystem to recover :(

1826. Akhilpatel610
Posted on Jul,15,2010 at 06:06 PM
I'm glad to see your article here ssc results...

but here i want to guide you on a different issue which is being
faced by the whole world...


I and my some of the friends have bought new bicycles and are
using it wherever possible..

So, being a role model for the young generation you should
prepare an advertisement encouraging YOUNG GUNS OF INDIA to use
bicycles and public transports...

1825. 99kurry
Posted on Jul,14,2010 at 04:32 PM
how much did u score in ssc exams..........

1824. Pratip
Posted on Jul,13,2010 at 10:15 PM
Dear Sir
After reading your article i feel that u shld have
shown the same tenacity in your studies as you do in your the never give up attitude..... I do feel that
one must not look upon the marks in the sheet as life changing bt
at the same time one must not give up the chase and try and work

1823. fritterfun
Posted on Jul,13,2010 at 02:34 PM
Aamir, I must say, you're a real inspirer!

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