Andheri kaali raat...   


What did y'all think?

Varanasi was truly enriching. And such wonderful people. So warm and helpful to a ‘complete stranger’. Each and everyone of them went out of their way to help a very ‘strange looking elderly man’. I made 5 new friends there. Ram Lakhan, Nawab Sahab, Lallan Miyan, Hasan and Javed.

My mother is from Varanasi hence the ref in my first clue ‘maa ke aangan mein raat bitaoon’. Most people thought I would turn up in Pune where my mother currently lives. But of course I am more cryptic than that. Warning. This is not some corny, easy to guess, filmy quiz where we just want to collect scores of winners. This is a genuinely tough contest and I don’t plan to make it easy. Well there are a few really easy ones as well. In fact, quite honestly, the Varanasi clue I consider fairly easy. Anyone who bothered to find out about my mother would have guessed.

When I set off to search for the house that my mother lived in I never thought I would actually find it. I had a very sketchy address and my mother’s memory of the place when she was 10 years old. And of course some very determined helpers.

I am most indebted to the the 5 of them. And as you guys may have noticed I presented them with a specially designed ring which is a symbol of my friendship. On this trip whenever I meet someone who I connect with I will offer him my ring. Which, by the way, also automatically gives him/her entry to the premier on the 23rd.

Have always been a big fan of Phantom, the ghost who walks. :-)

I have to say that I was very nervous at first. Would my disguise work? There was no way to tell until I walked onto the streets. Super exciting and great fun. Its been so long since I have not been stared at wherever I go. I could actually walk among people and no one gave me a second glance.

Well I am underground again. And will emerge next in the dark of the night.

Andheri kaali raat mein aaoonga main
khooni darwaza khatkhataoonga main
aap mujhe tak pahonch na paye to kya hua
kahin par apni chap chod jaoonga main.

Catch me if you can :-)

Posted by Aamir Khan at 11:23 PM
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2818. sonu_100
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 10:49 PM
hiiiii, Aamir i watched ur movie 3 idiots 10 times cinema, i
like ur movie very much.It was a fantastic movie.In this movie
the dialogues are very good.

2817. pooh_krazy
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 03:59 PM
it ws a gr8 a litl filmy.....more realistic cud
have done betr...still i highly appreciate d movie 3i..dat part
wn JOY attemps suiside ws d best n most touchy
part..congo4creatin such n amazing movie.......:)

2816. sunil55531
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 02:31 PM
its really rocking movie i have't see such movie in my life which
really gives a message

2815. rohit_s25
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 03:00 AM
Today again a snowfall in Dallas prevented me from going to watch
3 Idiots. But definitely going to watch this asap as it perhaps
going to revive my old memories of Dil Chahta hai. I was able to
connect myself with that and hoping the same as I got very good
reviews from friends. Also I really appreciate your decision to
come back to India for a day or two from an overseas trip for
voting and your recent approach (not to make any money) from a
book launch and make decision based on contents of the book.

2814. arif123
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 12:44 AM

I salute mr. perfectionist for your three idiot movie.

you have done very well.

excellent acting and nice movie

i again salute you for your talent


2813. i_m_nobody
Posted on Dec,30,2009 at 12:04 AM
Hi Amir, I think u hv nt much time to read all the comments u
received, bt I m writing this for my own mind satisfaction....
I hv no idea what i should write to u. may b I m here for the
effect of your new 3 idiots film.
i m not here to congrate u for that movies.. cause u hv a habit
to collect congrates.
Actually I dnt why i m here ..
from the begining i had a dream that i should make a lot of good
movies... actually i wanted to b a film director, bt some how at
this very moment i m nobody. with nothing.
i m here cause u make my dream come true. may be today i m nobody
bt every one can watch AMIR's FILM jst i wanted. may b i m here
for that.

i will b wait in a corner of any cinema hall for your quality

bye....................... NOBODY :-)

2812. vishal_k7
Posted on Dec,29,2009 at 05:18 PM
hey Amir,

You did it again.. 3 Idiots Its Simply Awesome movie!! 3 Cheers
to you.. Hope in the future you will do the same..

2811. rohith6357
Posted on Dec,29,2009 at 05:07 PM
Hi amair......
Dis is rohith frm london...yesterday me n my frns watched ur
movie 3 idiots...its an awesome movie...Performance of every one
is superb..ur were mindblowin...I think Ur script selection Makes
u special....But i Jst wanted to ask you Y r we not gettin the
Evergreen songs frm ur movie...Music of QSQT,Rangeela,Raja
hindustani,Akele Hum Akele Tum,Maan, Jo jeeetha wohi sikander,Dil
and many more...even today songs feel fresh and can listen N no
of times..But now a days even though ur movies are really good
and out of the block..Some r really superb but i don't knw y not
many songs in these movies are capable of generatin much intrest
when compared to that of ur hits in 90....These songs r not able
to drag people to the cinemas on their own...But we all belive in
u that u can give sme thing different and it wll be a visual
treat for us to watch u on the screen....hope u consider this
small suggestion for ur future projects........

2810. nikhilesh_prabhakar
Posted on Dec,29,2009 at 09:45 AM
Hi Amir,

I am Nikhil... i watched your movie 3i yesterday... and i totally
love it... its jus something... you conveyed a lot meaning in
your movie!

My entire family loved 3i..! great fan of yours...

2809. vidhi_r
Posted on Dec,29,2009 at 04:36 AM
Hi Aamir,

This is 2nd time, I'm writing to u hope u get to read it this

I have been ur fan from QSQT and u wish I get to meet you atleast
once in my lifetime.
My earlier msg to you was to let you know how disappointed I am
feeling by not watching your movie on de big screen...(it really
hurts I am feeling soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad, pls
read my prev scrap in your last blog)....
I have moved to the Caribbean and they don't play Hindi movies on
the big screen...I tried checking on that too...
This is infact de 1st time I am not watchin your movie in the
theatre and dont want to watch a bad print :(...else it always
been watching it in the big screen with my family...MISS that big

Glad that the movie is fun-tastic and u as always have delivered
your best.

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