Withnail, Ignatius and I.   

Kiran and I saw what we thought was one of the funniest films we have seen in our lives. Its called Withnail And I. It is the most wacked out and bizarrely funny film I have ever seen.

Warning. I’m not sure I should recommend it though. I am not sure how many people will find this kind of humour appealing. I believe it wasn’t very successful at the box office when it released, so judging by that not many in the public liked it. But for those who want to experiment with very unusual humour in cinema, go for it.

Its a story about these 2 out of work actors and their mad, funny and tragic lives. Exceedingly well written, brilliantly performed and superbly executed. Its a huge cult success. Written and directed by Bruce Robinson. British.

Watching Withnail And I reminded me of one of my favourite books, A Confederacy Of Dunces, written by John Kennedy Toole. Again a piece of work that I find supremely funny and tragic. Absolutely brilliant. A must read, but again I don’t know how many of you will like it. Have read the book twice and plan to read it once every couple years.

The book was actually published after the death of the author and he did not live to see the huge success that it became. In fact the book would never have been published had it not been for Toole’s mother who found a carbon copy of the manuscript left in the house following Toole’s suicide in 1969 at the young age of 31. Toole’s mother took this manuscript to various publishers in attempt to get it published without any success until she took it to Walker Percy, an author, and literally forced him to read it. Percy explains in his foreword that he started the manuscript with great reservation but got sucked into the book and loved it. The book was published in 1980, 11 years after Toole’s death, and became a cult classic, and then later a mainstream success.

So much brilliance in this world. So inspiring.

What fun.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 04:49 AM
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2769. onlylyon
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:56 PM
@Bonsoir Rashouland,
Merci pour la traduction de mon message. Vous avez de la chance
d'avoir accès à une chaîne de films indiens ...sous-titrés en +
dans votre langue maternelle ! Vos commentaires et ceux de Dihya
m'ont donné envie de voir Ghajini. Il faut juste que j'arrive à
le trouver.
Mais à coeur vaillant, rien d'impossible :-)

2768. madme21
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:52 PM
hi aamir!
this day last year i met u at hemashish studio.i was the winner
of the radio one TZP contest.it was a dream come true aamir!!
thank u for being so gracious and making my day! i'll always
celebrate this silly special anniversary : ) wish u all the luck
in the world : ) im eagerly waiting for the release of 3 idiots
love u loads,
meghana (maggy)

2767. Dihya
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:48 PM
Hi my dear
How are you?
Hope everything will be OK with your computer very soon :-)
You were right,"Raja Hindustani" is a great movie,I like the
performance of Aamir :-)
Hope to see you soon
Dihya :-)

2766. raviraj07
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:38 PM
hi aamir...
raviraj again, just wanted to share how imp u r for some ppl like
me and how the word thank you is not enough to really thank u..
well in my graduation colg days i had these two very close frnd
and we started talking only bcaz we all r gr8 aamir khan fans.

all use to call ur DIL CHAHTA HAI grp..then there was new member
of our grp whose surname was despande..now the problem was with
name of group.. so we changed it to DIL CHAHTA HAI DESPANDE..

well a stupid story but fact remains i got got my best frnds
because of u.. thanks

2765. Dihya
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:22 PM
My favourite song from the movie is the one I listen to all the
time: Guzarish.
I don't have a favourite character in Behka,because all the
characters are Aamir and I like all the 6 looks he has.

there are 2scenes I watch very often : the first is where Sanjay
gets up in the morning and doesnt know where he is, and he faces
the mirror ..

the second is the last scene,it's very sad but I often watch that
scene because it's so perfectly done.


2764. Dihya
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 10:10 PM
I find ur questions very interesting.i'll try to answer.(looks
like an exam):-)
Ghajini in 3lines. Honestly,the first time i saw the film
poster,i was scared,(i couldnt believe it was Aamir),especially
that it was only a month earlier i started getting interested in
his movies.But i changed my mind in December when i saw the
movie:there's everything in there;humour,action,drama ...Aamir
also worked well on the advertising of the film.i keep good
memories of that because it was the first time I was updated
about a movie promotion(it was funny to see Aamir playing a
hairdresser).We even got scared two days before the release of
the film as the movie nearly got banned. Oops, i went over
3lines. :-)

2763. HarjotSinghHanda
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 09:35 PM
Dear Aamir Ji, My son Harjot is a big fan of yours. He liked your
"Tare Zamie Per" So much that he used to see your film day and
night - may be 1000 times. Then he insisted to his music teacher
that he wants to learn Tare zami per song on his casio. He played
the same song in his one of his school's fuction. Then he gave me
one idea to do something which I think he has - char chand lagaa
diye hai - to that song. And he wants to dedicate that CD to u.
U will just love it. Everyone who sees that feel so facinated
with the song. And I am sure u will also love it. Pl send me the
address where I can send u the CD. My son is a Martial Artist.
You can see him in action at www.emafitness.com. And I am his
father and trainner as well. Pl send ur add at
bs.handa@gmail.com. - B S Handa

2762. Dihya
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 09:28 PM
Are you from Algeria???
because I'm Algerian too
I often see movies on zee aflam

2761. nasrin_20
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 09:16 PM

Oh ,then u r arabic huh?really good. i know alittle bit arabic
language.its really nice language.Rashouland shoe akhbarak?kaif
el siha? ha ha;-) am i good in arabic??

well,so tell me why ur familly make fun of u?!! rashouland,
actually i know zee aflam chanal too.its my most fav
channel.really good channel with new and old great hindi movies.i
like it.this channel SOMETIMES SHOW Aamir MOVIEs TOO



2760. Rashouland
Posted on Sep,29,2009 at 09:03 PM
Hi nasrin,
i'm Algerian and big fan of Bollywood to the extent that my
friends and family make fun of me coz they consider it as an
obsession. My favorite tv channel is Z that broadcast hindi
movies with arabic subtitles hahahahaha ... I have hard time
keeping the remote in my hand if you see what I mean LOL

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