Dark side of the moon.   

Last few days I’ve been watching on the news all about the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Such an exciting thought. To actually get into a rocket, shoot off into space, watch the earth receding, and the moon getting closer, and then actually land on it and walk about. Wow.

But did it actually happen or was it all a hoax? Trick photography and creative filming, or real footage and photographs?

Have heard so much about the conspiracy theory that surrounds the moon landing. So I decided to do a basic search on youtube to see if there is anything posted there. Of course there is, both for and against. While going through some clips I ran into this most interesting documentary. Its called ‘Moon Landing A Fake or Fact?’, at least that what you need to type. Try and watch it, its in 9 or 10 parts. Then I want you guys to tell me what you think, did it actually happen or was it the biggest con of the century?

I see there has been quite a discussion on what I wore to my event with Secretary Clinton. Actually I didn’t think much about it. I don’t usually give much importance what I am wearing, so I’ll stay away from that discussion. But what I would like to say is that it was a real pleasure to meet with her. I found Sec Clinton to be an extremely warm and charming person. And she has such sharp and clear thinking, and expresses herself so well. Quite a privilege to meet with her.

And yes the cat is finally out of the bag. I am playing one of the leads in Kiran’s film Dhobi Ghat. The reason we kept this under wraps is that she didn’t want to attract much attention towards her film. She wanted to make this film on real locations with a tiny crew, very guerilla style. So we had to do it very quietly. And for once we managed to keep a secret from the media, at least until we finished the shoot. Actually I think I spoke about it in an interview right after we finished the shoot, so I'm surprised people are reacting now.

And lastly, principal photography on 3 Idiots is complete! We have one song left which Raju wants to shoot in Sept. Yesterday he began work on the post in full swing. Good God I'm getting butterflies in my stomach already. But this time I will NOT smoke. No matter how nervous I get.

omigod... help.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 12:17 AM
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2570. vicky
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 06:55 PM
Hi Aamir

It has really being a long time that I have not met you. I know
you dont care a damn of meeting me as I am noone special, I can
control myself when I dont see you or your movie but the moment i
see your new photo or AD I feel like meeting you as if you are
calling me, But fact is it is my illusion as I will be the last
person you will call But you will always be the first person
whom I will call.

Aamir I always ask myself why do I Love you so much I dont get
any answer do I love Aamir the Actor or Aamir the HUman being And
answer is clear I Love Aamir the Human being, I am sure If I
would have not met you personally I would have not loved you, As
frankly I hate HIndi movies, as I wach only your movies.

Aamir I dont want anything from you just acceptance of my
friendship hand for you.

Aamir I love you wish someday you wite the same for me

2569. andalib
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 05:14 PM
hello jamila-the lady dis is andalib -the girl(lolz).hwz u dear
long time no see.:-)
and MY LADY if u r interested plzzzzzzz do rply 2 my question
@no.2345.hpe all is well my dear badi behen(elder sis)in hindi.

2568. vicky
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 05:06 PM
HI eles you didnot mentioned my blog

have you checked my blog http://vikas250.tripod.com It is
dedicated to Aamir

If not checked it and let me know how you like it and what else I
can add on it.

2567. eles
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:49 PM
Jamila--you visiting India? When?

All. Bye for the day. Too much work pending.

2566. eles
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:47 PM
Praf--Since aamir has not posted, I did a bit of proxy blogging
for aamir, LOL! Today I've written variously from post 2501
onwards up to 2536---and given tit-bits from a couple of old
aamir articles, not available on net.

There is a very good site called www.aamirkhan.org, run by some
sensible fans. It has plenty of Aamir related matter, old to
latest. If interested, register there and check it out.

Aamir--hi time you visited your blog man.

Aline--hi. You can check out my blog at
www.lalipond.blogspot.com. It is the sleepiest possible blog. All
my writing remains in my diaries. Today, though,I did write
something there. Must do it more often.


2565. musulmane
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:42 PM

Dear Katarina,

You raised an interesting point regarding the film Ghagini. The
struggle that "Kalpana" efforts to protect children is very
important. This serious social phenomenon interpeler me always.
Throughout the film, this pas.sage is particularly significant
and shows a deep desire of changement, face of such abominations.
But this scene is drowned in the romance of the film. This is
where I appreciate the charisma of Deepa Mehta in the realization
of her films. She does not mix the mud with milk. What I mean is,
she does in the "film / reality", "hard and pure"..
The message through her films is felt, personally speaking, as :

"Wake up!" "Time to react!."

…Yes! It would be time to react.!!!

…My humble opinion.

Thank you! Really interesting!.


2564. praf_2007
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:35 PM
There is nothing left for me reading anything about u and ur
films on internet.I googling a lot about u.Now i am waiting only
ur new post.Come on the blog aamir!

2563. Aline
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:12 PM
I miss you and swear I will make some time now that you are back
and alive to catch up, as soon as I get enough minutes for a long
due chat.

ELES I want to read your blog!

CREEKS Snake? Have you been watching "Videsh"?

I am very happy to hear that you and family are glad and
together. Family is a solid and soothing tree that sees us
through life. Invaluable... Sending best wishes to you. Always.


Aline Khan TISTCMA ♫

2562. vicky
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:12 PM
sorry jamila.

2561. Aline
Posted on Aug,11,2009 at 04:10 PM
Hey! Lunch break and I am staying in front of the comp screen...

First of all a big thanks to all of you who enjoyed Celeste's
interview and came to post here about it. All of the credit for
the insightful questions goes to Celeste. Writing a blog is a
labour of love and receiving your encouragement is highly
motivating, guys. Thanks! Mira-cle and Pushker, you've got mail.

Awesome questions to the genie! :-) Thanks for playing the
game... The poofster even granted you a double whammy, lucky
lady. :-)

About the whole "wife" thingy: Celeste originally baptized me as
AK's blog wife (thank you Celeste! I am still celebrating with
champagne!), then Jamila, with her colourful language, called me
a "spiritual wife" and Praveen started the whole last name

Last time I blushed about the whole thing was in March I think,
and now reading you. Lol.

Aline Khan TISTCMA ♫

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