Hello folks. Have been away for around a month, which is about the half way mark of my holiday, and I was missing y’all so a quick hello.

Guys, those of you who have the resources and ability to try out skiing please do so, it is absolutely one of the best things I have done in a long time. Thanks to my persistent kids I ended up committing to a week of skiing, and boy am I glad I did. We were in Banff, a popular ski resort in Canada, a very warm and friendly place and great for skiing. Lovely slopes, very good facilities and great instructors. My kids have been there twice before, first time for me. I had a great instructor, Glen, who had me doing ‘black’ slopes on day 4!!!

You have the ‘bunny’ slope for total beginners, then the ‘green’ slopes which are easy, ‘blue’ slopes which are intermediate level, ‘black’ which are difficult, and then this one slope/cliff called the ‘delirium dive’ which is for people with suicidal tendencies.

So black in 4 days as you might have figured by now is quite impressive. Well what can I say….

But seriously folks please try skiing if you can. It is one of the most challenging and exhilarating sports. Pure delirium as you rush down cutting through the ice cold air in the middle of the most stunning natural beauty, the feeling of adventure as you go down slopes which test your courage, and above all the humility you feel as you untangle your various limbs and skis trying to get back on your feet after a fall.

Speaking of humbling experiences I remember many years back I went to Disneyland with my kids when they were quite small. There roaming about in the theme parks were the characters of Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse, with loads of children queuing up with their respective parents for an autograph and a photo with their favorite cartoon character. My kids went nuts and insisted on a photo and autograph with them. So here I was, big superstar, standing quietly in line waiting for Mickey Mouse to give me an autograph for my children. And as I was mouthing the lines that I hear everyday - “Hi, my kids are big fans, can we have a picture please?” – I was thinking to myself what fun if the person behind the Mickey Mouse costume is a desi!!!

Well, once again my kids and I were in Orlando visiting the various theme parks. This time thankfully my kids have grown older so I was spared the humbling experience. One per trip is enough.

So skiing, then roller coaster rides, theme rides, water parks, and then a week in Bristol spent recovering from the skiing and theme parks. Very close friends of ours live in Bristol and they have just given birth to a pair of beautiful twin girls.

And of course my whirlwind trip to Berlin where I was most happy, no thrilled, to see some of the blog gang. I was so wishing I had more time to spend with those of you who were there. Really, it was too short the trip. But it was also something quite sudden and unplanned. Being such a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn I just had to accept the invitation and I am so happy I did. Got to meet all my fans in Berlin, especially the bloggers. Thanks for being there guys. Much love.

So having a great time so far and thoroughly enjoying myself and my children. Today also being Ira's birthday so let me get back to her.



Posted by Aamir Khan at 02:30 PM
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3514. swathy
Posted on May,31,2009 at 08:57 AM
@ark, priya, ginak, aline, neetaD

hi guys!!! :) Long time.. Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Ghajini is on tonight on tv!!!!!!!!!!! :) Will surely watch it
(even though i own a dvd ;))

Aamir.... .where are you??? Please post something... missing you

lots of love,

3513. ark_03
Posted on May,31,2009 at 08:41 AM

Hi :- ) ...a lil bz with my daughter's admissions and health
probs :-)

3512. ark_03
Posted on May,31,2009 at 08:39 AM

Hi :- ) Congratulations on the award at the State Award
function. Thank you so much for attending the awards function.

We love you Aamir!

Hugs Hugs and Hugs All The Way :-)

3511. smartbhau
Posted on May,31,2009 at 08:27 AM
Hey Aamir... thank u for supporting us students here in
Australia... pressure from India is helping a lot... media here
is avoiding reporting anything about the matter... Indian media's
pressure is at least helping by making Aussies think about
security... Thanx again...

3510. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 06:30 AM
Oops, Pausali, comments 3507 and 3508 were also for you, I forgot
to put your name in there in case you're searching by name.

And now I'm really logging out :)

3509. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 06:17 AM
@ Aline: Thank you for the update on Raakh. Though it came with
bad news :(

@ Aamir: So... Raakh is coming out after being impossible to find
and we are banned from watching it? :( That's no fun! (Granted
the blow was softened by the explanation. I understand the
reasons behind not supporting the release for now, but I'm not
sure what your stand will be on the topic after the strike is
over... In other words is there any hope? :))
Still hoping we'll be able to get a good DVD of this film
sometime soon, here in North America. Who would have thought
there would ever be a time and a reason to feel like we're
isolated at the end of the world here :)

Nighty night everyone!

3508. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 06:03 AM
Finally Ghajini. I can't quite work this one out into the theme.
To me it's not exactly valid to include this example since his
actions are not going through the brain, in fact they are hardly
driven by reason. Emotionally it's twisted too. To me Sanjay is
only half human in the post accident parts, so I'm not sure I
would analyze his reactions through the "reaction" filter. When
one reacts it is to a stimulus, Sanjay doesn't have a stimulus,
it's more of a reflex. Not sure if I'm expressing myself clearly.

On the other hand his current state is indeed motivated by trauma
involving the theme that you are going after so I suppose it does
make sense. I would however make sure to point out the difference
between obsession and reaction. I'll try to gather my thoughts
and be clearer if you want, but these are my first thoughts.
Is that even in line with the direction she's taking? Either way
good luck with it, I'm sure it will rock! :)

3507. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 05:51 AM
Also I think the three that "advocate" taking justice into your
own hands all have different takes on it: in RDB it is shown as
futile but a lesson learned, albeit too late. It's my favourite
film, so I can't for the life of me find any faults in it: it's
the perfect example of why it's always the young that start
revolutions and why their exhuberance leads to greater things,
though most of the times it is driven by exaggerated or even
wrong reasons.
In Ghulam it's half and half: the hero starts off by doing the
right thing and helping justice take it's course after fighting
his own demons, but in the end it's still crowd justice, which to
me defeated the purpose and certainly made null the sacrifice.
But it's a good example of society's response in a situation
where the only way out is to get involved. I think in the end
that's what they were trying to show.
Tesoro (and finally part 3 will follow)

3506. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 05:40 AM
@ Pausali Your sister's thesis sounds amazing! I miss the
university days when you could work your hobbies into whatever
the course was. I was very proud of myself when I managed to
analyze Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet in a compared literature
clas-s. What? It's based on Shakespeare, no? Shakespeare is
literature :D
I've been thinking about other films, but the "supported by the
state" bit is making it difficult. I thought 1947 Earth could fit
in with the first part, but I'm not sure how you would work out
the "effectively sustained by the State" angle :( So maybe not.
Is she only doing Aamir films? Or all Hindi films?
Something I would love to read for sure. You have a few angles
for it already: the "taking justice into your own hands" angle in
three of those films, then the more socially responsible angle of
doing something about it the legal way and becoming part of the
system you are trying to heal (Sarfarosh).
Tesoro (part 2 coming up)

3505. Tesoro
Posted on May,31,2009 at 05:25 AM
@ Breera: Just curious: what are the other 11 steps? I think I've
successfully been cementing the first one for a while, maybe it's
time to move on to the next :)
If you're up for it, I'll invite you to a movie :) 3 Idiots would
be the obvious choice but since it's half a year away, let me
know what other ones you're looking forward to. I always manage
to go the first week a new Hindi film is released (we usually go
somewhere on the subway line though), and if Kaminey ever makes
it out that's next on my list, so let me know if you want to join
me and my equally crazy friends :) (we're all girls so I hope
you're comfortable with squeeing LOL)


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