Yes Ghajini is Releasing.   

Ghajini is finally releasing as per schedule on 25th Dec, and some theatres are having paid previews this evening.

The last 24 hours have been most traumatic. In fact yesterday I had written a post which I was just about to uplink when I heard about the problem, and then I didn't post it. Am putting it below. Am emotionally totally drained. Just going to wait for your response now.


Prenatal Depression.

Just before any of my films release I go into pendulum mode. One sec I feel very optimistic about the film and the next I’m sure no one’s going to like it. I lose my smile my appetite, my sleep. On the whole I am listless and walk around like a zombie. VVC (Vidhu Vinod Chopra), who was talking to me yesterday, accurately described it as Prenatal Depression. The film is about to be delivered and will be out of our systems so to speak. Then it will have a life of its own which we have absolutely no control over.

Sigh. It too tough, making films.

All the 2 years of planning, preparation, creative discussions, the struggle to shoot the film and the sleepless nights of post production ultimately culminate in a 3 hour experience in the darkness of a cinema hall.

This time around it is a remake of a Tamil film so I am especially anxious. Ghajini was a huge success in the South and Surya had done an excellent job in the original. I hope that I have been able to do justice to the film. Am especially awaiting Surya’s response as he was the one who went out of his way to convince me that I suit the role.

Am guilty of not being able to read the responses for my last post this time around, as I have been just too busy. In fact the last couple weeks have been too hectic and as a result of the exhaustion and excitement I’m down with fever so am lying in bed as I write this.
While the film releases on the 25th all over I believe in some Cinemas it actually opens for Paid Previews on the evening of 24th. So I will be eagerly awaiting your response 24th evening onwards. Wont miss a single post.

At this time, irrespective of the fate of the film, I want to acknowledge and introduce to you the various people who have worked behind the scenes on this film. The presenter Arvind Garu, who has been a great support to the entire team and has had complete faith in Murgadoss and his abilities. Also a man of great wisdom and maturity. Both Tagore Madhu and Madhu Mantena who have worked tirelessly to bring the film onto screen in the best possible way. Each with their individual strengths have been the best producers that this film could have ever asked for or got. Ravi K Chandran who has taken the film to another level with his visual excellence. Rasul who has impressed me the most with his amazing sound design. He has been among the most committed technicians I have ever worked with. The kind of detail and layering I have seen him get into is truly heartwarming, and the pains he has taken to satisfy the director are inspiring for any film person. Anthony who has truly astounded me with his editing abilities and has been a learning experience to work with. Peter Hines who has shocked me with his mad energy and acute understanding of the character and situation when he is composing for action. Stunt Shiva, who stepped in when Peter was unable to be with us because of the change in schedule because of my injury, worked with an enthusiasm unseen in clash work. Sunil, who quietly and tirelessly went about his work in Production Design to give the film the unique look that it requires. Arjun and Avan who has never failed to satisfy me in my endeavor to look the character. Rahul Nanda, who has managed to capture the pain and romance of the film in one single image. Anup Dev, who has patiently and with a lot of care given the final touches to the film. Piyush Misra, who handled the tough job of adapting the dialogues into Hindi. Nabeel Abbas, whose advice into the promotions and marketing of the film as a consultant were extremely helpful. Shilpa and Prabhat, who are extremely insightful and acute with their expertise in promotion have taken the film to the heights that it deserves. Priti and Aman, whose marketing abilities have given the film the scale and depth that it deserves. And lastly and most importantly Murugadoss. To make a film is very difficult, to make a film which connects with the audience is even more difficult, and to REMAKE a film which has connected big time with an audience with the same enthusiasm is most rare. Working with fresh enthusiasm, crystal clear thinking and an almost childlike excitement Murugadoss has breathed like into the film. He is an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with. How much I have learnt from him.

At the risk of sounding very presumptuous and patronizing I humbly thank all of you for the great time you gave me.

And now the time to test the pudding has arrived.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 06:09 PM
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7481. CoHePu
Posted on Mar,29,2009 at 12:31 PM
Hello Aamir. My name is Snejana. I am from Bulgaria. I love your
movies. Chajini is improbable movie. You great with Azin. In
Bulgaria there are numerous you Fans. I am one of them.

7480. kimpje105
Posted on Mar,25,2009 at 10:58 PM
Well i'm new here but I saw ghajini and I loved it! (nice
muscles :-P)
no matter what others say you were excellent!
and by the way you looked smart in those suits :-D
keep going on for at least 60 years
By the way when will you be in Amsterdam?

Take care,
From Amsterdam

7479. farhan_41
Posted on Mar,25,2009 at 04:49 PM
Don't understand why some people keep analysing Ghajini. Look
guys Ghajini was meant to be a commercial entertainer or a masala
film watever u call. Why do u interpret wats goin on in d movie
instead of just enjoying it. Its an entertainer tats all. I know
Aamir has created a niche for himself in making and acting in
landmark films but tat doen't mean he is restricted to tat only.
He can also feature in an entertainer just like he did wit
Ghajini. Why don't some people get it.

7478. cynical
Posted on Mar,25,2009 at 03:40 PM
Yeah wateva, whoever u r, if youve got a way to get through to
Aamir saab, tell him he needs to make some real movies instead of
all that masala shit.

7477. onlyanshul4u
Posted on Mar,22,2009 at 06:51 AM
Hello Aamir,
I wanna say some thing about your Ghajini that...
I have seen lot of action movies holliwood bolliwood like
"Terminator" or any other pure action movies but I never felt
like to go ahead and build your body but seriously when I see
Ghajini it push me hard to the Jym and I can not control myselft
and started building my body... I never feel like this before..

7476. Sonal_S
Posted on Mar,16,2009 at 07:40 AM my 2nd point mentioned in 1st comment...I have
incorrectly stated '15 seconds' in place of 15 minutes.....

7475. Sonal_S
Posted on Mar,16,2009 at 06:43 AM
7. The hero did not show that he was missing his lost love
anytime….he was just robotic after the incident….did he have a
total memory lapse or just a short term memory problem….we are
not sure….

8. The movie was named Ghajini, but the character of villain was
not woven to convince that it was fit to be the title of the
Anyways….wish u a very happy belated birthday….saw ur pic as an
old sardar…u are a chameleon man…keep it up….
A first timer @ ur blog,

7474. Sonal_S
Posted on Mar,16,2009 at 06:43 AM
3. The heroine was portrayed as a big philanthropist. This ate up
a lot of time. If you tried that coz u needed a reason to fall in
love with a stranger, then I would say she was beautiful enough
to fall for. If you were making a path to show that she was
killed as a result of her generous attitude then also it does not
call for so many good hearted acts in a 3-hour movie. Many girls,
if not all, will try to save others from the clutches of butchers
and skin traders.

4. I think Ghajini was a mix of Memento and 50 First dates. I
expected more from you hence am disappointed.

5. Too much of violence (using bats etc to kill) left a bad
bitter taste.

6. Too much focus on the love affair (the detailed story telling)
made us stray away from the key points. It lengthened the movie,
making it tiring towards the end.

7473. Sonal_S
Posted on Mar,16,2009 at 06:42 AM
Sometimes great expectations lead to greater disappointment.
I saw Ghajini in the very first week of its release. My husband
is a movie aficionado…a total movie-buff…hence, we had been
waiting for it for a couple of months.
I would not totally shun it coz I know u put in a lot of hard
work in it. However, I found a lot of gaps.
For starters:
1. I feel that Ghajini lacked ‘your’ trademark of being
different, being just out of the world, being creative, being
spectacular, which we all witnessed in movies like Lagaan, DCH,

2. The male protagonist retains memories for only 15 seconds. The
movie could have used his ‘16th-minute- dilemma’ more. I saw some
trailers and there you were shown thinking whether u were going
in OR out. This was not well utilized in the actual movie.

7472. ashwinnair
Posted on Mar,15,2009 at 11:35 PM
Ghajini Rocks!!!!

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