Homeward bound.   

On my way back to Bombay. L.A. was good but it's always so good to head back home. I'm one of those people who gets homesick really fast, especially when I am traveling outside of India. Within a week I lose my humour, after two I start getting depressed and by the end of the third week I start weeping when I see soppy television ads.

Speaking of television I get so attracted to these ads on US TV selling the most unusual stuff on tele-shopping. Its amazing how I am such a sucker for all the most inane products which finally I'll probably never use. Thankfully better sense prevails just before I place the order. Like this time I saw this ad for an amazing absorbing material. It looks like a piece of cloth but is made of some magic material which just soaks up any liquid which may have spilled. Every time that ad came on I was riveted. Took down the number to call and everything but I realised that my trip was too short for the order to reach me. Then there was this amazing pull-ups bar which fits on to any doorway and is great for a workout without going to a gym. And then there was this ad for Timeless Romantic Tunes played on the piano by this pianist called Beegie Adair. It sounded so good, and its Kiran's birthday on the 7th so I thought it would make a great gift. But it would never have reached me on time. Well it's the thought that counts, so K should be happy.

In the meantime Obama has won. My congratulations to the people of the US, this is their victory as much as Obama's. Well now his work really begins, time for him to fulfil all his promises. Quite a soap opera though.

My flight beckons.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 04:25 AM
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3563. nitish87
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 08:15 PM
hey aamir plzz aap ek movie jarur banana jisme aap negetive role
mein rahoge... aur us movie mein aap ek Super chor ka role
nibhaana... aap usme koi bike chor yaa phir Hrithik ki tarah
dhoom 2 waala chor nahi banna ...plzz aap usme ek Hacker ka role
nibhaana jo hacking ke through apni chori karta ho ... idea bahut
achaa hai kyunki apne bollywood mein abhi tak koi bhi movie
hacking par based nahi bani hai ,,,,, plzz aamir seriously you
can do it meine fanna movie mein aapka role dekha tha so i m sure
you can do this role .... plzz aamir Ek hacking par based movie
banado naa plzzzz

3562. nitish87
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 08:10 PM
Hey aamir how are you . I m Nitish from Delhi. aamir bhai aapki
Ghajini bilkul super hit jaaegi mein to uska first day first show
dekhne jaa raha hoon. meine Taare zameen par 2 baar dekhi first
time hall mein kisi movie ko ek hi week mein 2 baar jaake dekha
hai ... movie was ossom ab meine uski original DVD le li hai he
he he... Love you Bro You Rocks your body supperbbbbbbbbb

3561. gold_86
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 08:01 PM
WAT a tragedy in MUMBAI.... I guess people are jealous of the
lively and happy lifestyle of MUMBAI and so want to spoil it by
their attempts.. Hope everything becomes fine... I request
everybody to just pray for the safety of all.... May the
government kill this fuss sooon.....

3560. raovinay13
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:59 PM
hi aamir!!

this is my 1st ever experience wid blogging, i m just 23 still i
hvnt ever logged onto any actor's blog site. I am a huge admirer
of ur work. ur body of work is amazing. I hope u pay d right
tribute to the "momento" remake. I cant wait for "ghajini"

thank you for releasing TZP dvd, which i was waiting since
dec-07. thank you

I want to wish u all d sucess ahead..wid ur films n life.. u r
the only person after mr. Big B , that has the attributes to
represent bollywood in front of such elite
actors...undoubtedly!!. U ROCK!!!!....undoubtedly greatest
actor....TZP was brilliant!!...before i end i would say this to
u...if this yr the oscars dont give this film an award....we will
come to know how knowledgeable they are!!!..seriously TZP is the
best film i hv seen in like last 50 yrs....including sholay n all
those flicks...u rock mr. knan!! keep up this gr88 work.


3559. Skotse
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:55 PM
Sanch: Every birth is an incredible act of hope, and the despair
of the moment mustn't overpower your creation of that new life ..
in my humble opinion.

I remember after 9/11, even though I live half the country away,
everyone was in shock of course. My daughter was eight, and her
dad and I went to a burger place a few days after. Everybody in
the place kept kind of anchoring on her, because the child is the
epitome of innocence and possibility.

I agree Sweetmango: nothing to do with Islam itself. Hopefully
Islamic leaders the world over will take further steps to
separate their religion from this.

- KtS

3558. sweetmango
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:32 PM
I hope the situation in Mumbai is under control, the news are
not so clear about that. The last 24 hours have tested the city.

Here in NY we still have fresh memories of the aftermath of the
terror attacks that shook us to the bone. A friend of mine who
was injured during 9/11 just arrived in mumbai two days ago just
to see a repeat of it all.

This has nothing to do with Islam. This is just a nonsensical,
power hungry act of terror. Islam shouldn't be dirtied by those
fanatics who have no respect for life.

3557. Skotse
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:23 PM
Dear Aamir and everyone,

Certainly the hearts and minds of people all over the world are
with you. I am sure that, as Barack Obama said, your democracy is
resilient and will outlast the hateful ideology of the

I hope that India opens up to all the rest of us helping to heal
and rebuild when the immediate actions are completed, in whatever
way possible.

Jai Hind!

- KtS.

3556. Nat
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:23 PM
Hi Aamir and friends

Aamir, I hope you and your family & friends are all safe and

To all my friends in Mumbai, I hope you too are safe and well.

My thoughts are with everyone in Mumbai and my heart goes out to
you all.

Wishing you all peace
x Nat

3555. sanch
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 07:10 PM
Hi! its such a pity, there is a thin line between sanity and
insanity. unfortunately we are hanging in between what we call
comedy of errors. Iam having a baby soon and I dont know whether
I should or not. What do I bring a new life for..... some more
comedies turning into tragedies. God bless evryones soul who

3554. Mila
Posted on Nov,27,2008 at 06:59 PM
Mumbai meri jaan :( My heart goes out to those affected.

shakti_47, the one film I can think of where Aamir did a
positive/negative role was 1947 Earth.

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