Two bits of good news and one bad.   

First the good news.

Folks!!! Its finally released! The DVD of TZP is out in the market!

I wanted to be totally sure before I spoke about it on my blog because there were too many false alarms in between. So today we went to Darsheel’s school and Darsheel’s principal Mrs Bajaj was kind enough to do the honors.

The other bit of good news is that Disney has decided to release the DVD in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I was very happy to know that they liked the film enough to want to distribute TZP in home entertainment for these 5 countries.

Now for the bad news…… and I know I am going to be slaughtered for this one. Disney has a lead time of at least 3 months. They want to do a mainstream release in these 5 markets. So while the DVD has released in India and outside India as well, in these 5 countries it will be a few more months before it comes out.

Now, before those of you living in these 5 countries kill me, please understand that I have no control over this. The only other option would be to not go ahead with Disney’s offer. But I felt that I would like the mainstream audiences in these places to also have the option of seeing this film. If I’m not mistaken this is probably a first for any Indian film except for Lagaan which was released by Columbia Tristar, but that was more because Sony TV India had originally bought the film. Sawaria which was also Sony I am assuming also got a mainstream release, but that was also produced by Sony. So I think this the first time that an Indian film has been picked up by a major distributor independently for a mainstream release.

More importantly, how many films are made on child care? So I want as many people as possible (no matter which part of the world they live in, including people who are not normally exposed to Indian Cinema) to get the chance to see this particular film.

My sincere apologies to those of you living in these 5 countries, and who have been waiting patiently for the DVD to come out.

I am dying to tell you what all in this DVD pack, but first y’all digest this info. Have worked really hard on this DVD and I sincerely hope y’all find it worth the wait.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 11:20 PM
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3297. radhss
Posted on Nov,18,2008 at 05:51 PM
Hi Aamir
Well TZP was an awesome movie and it is but natural to want your
kid to be good in whatever he/she takes up and in that rat race
we tend to overlook little things which actually may not be the
little ones fault. I think you are a very good person and
thankyou for bringing out such movies with a wonderful message.

looking forward to much more .


3296. the1nonlyh
Posted on Nov,06,2008 at 10:53 AM
Hey Aamir..Gajhini trailors are looking cool...waiting to see
more of me, surya has done a great job in the
original. I am sure you will rock it anyways! All the best!

3295. vasumathy
Posted on Oct,16,2008 at 02:10 PM
Thanks Aamir... Lookin fwd to..
u really rock in all u do!! ...
Best wishes for gajini too... I watched tamil Gajini for surya
once , asin twice :) and I love the songs..
I am waitingn eagerly as I know u give us the best...
Evn I did not like the climax . thanks for changing.. :)

3294. Valeria
Posted on Oct,16,2008 at 02:40 AM
I'm posting a little late (already 2 more post ahead). But i
couldn't help myself... You're apologizing because this other 5
countries will get the dvd a few months later, but i will be
lucky if i get my hands on it in a few years! Here, in
Southamerica (Argentina specifically), we don't get almost any
indian movie. I was lucky enough to come across fanaa in Austria
(you sound pretty good in german). so you have a big market
here, have you thought in doing something? i would love to find
your movies here

3293. maybe_mad
Posted on Oct,12,2008 at 09:50 PM
Ohh gosh.Ive been dyin to tell u dis,dis sounds reely wierd bt
honestly ok,my brother luks exactly like darsheel man';in
fact';its reely funny bt he wz actli askd for an
autograph.Haah',i feel so kul,,funny bt true

3292. nisha7dias
Posted on Oct,10,2008 at 11:36 PM
hey aamir as cliched as it may sound m a fan of urs...nothng new
for u though..

guzz wat..watever i stated earlier may seem like a complete i hv to tel u this..u wer shooting for a few days just
minutes away from my place n i had no idea.i jst gpta kno abt the
same yest...u wer at : JEROME APTS-KALINA...i really wish if i
cud hv gt a glimpse of u...

if psbl plzz mail me on : nisha7dias or still beter cal on
9820658652.....plzzzzzzz aamir....its a request frm a fan..dnt
turn a fan down plzzz

3291. skjoshi13
Posted on Oct,07,2008 at 11:22 AM
Hello Aamir ji....TZP really touched me & made my cry because i
also had a problem releted to studies when i was in school....i m
unlucky that u didnt make this movie at that time....but i dont
know why all ur movies become so special to my ife...whether it
is TZP or RDB or DCH or jo jeeta wohi S. any many more..
thanks for be there to make such gr8 movies...thanks a lot!!

3290. sachinchak
Posted on Oct,02,2008 at 10:56 PM
This is very few of the best movies bollywood has created and the
best ever of its kind.
I have watched this movie 4 times and tears rolled down everytime
i listen "maa " song ..

Aamir this is the best song and will you please do me a favour
and convey my regards to Mr shankar mahadevan for composing this

3289. rayshanker
Posted on Oct,02,2008 at 09:31 PM

Just watched TZP on Zee Chanel here in.. absolutely brilliant
movie Aamir.. thank you and I am going to make sure all my staff
in the office watch it after this.. will hunt down the DVD..

Thanks again & i think like the movie, you are extremely
brilliant and talented and thank you for producing like
heart-touching (yes, i usually dont sob during movies) but this
one really got to me.

Thanks again, God Bless! & Eid Mubarak!

Peace & love
Ray Shanker
Kuala Lumpur

3288. alley_t
Posted on Oct,02,2008 at 04:28 PM
hey! am from new zealand and only managed to get the dvd like two
weeks ago!!! i look forward to seeing it on proper tv though...
i'll make people watch it muahahahaha!

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