Settlers Of Panchgani.   

I’m sitting under a tree, on the edge of a valley, approximately 5000 feet above sea level. The river Krishna flows far below us snaking its way among the Sahyadri mountains. A cool breeze is blowing, jannat ki hawa (breeze from the heavens), as my mother calls it. Ammi, Ira and Junaid are by my side and we are in the middle of one of our favourite board games ‘Settlers Of Catan’. Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for?

Now, before you jump to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh is the name of our dog. And before you jump to any further conclusions let me add that I had nothing to do with naming him. In fact Shahrukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretakers and their dog! Apparently Shahrukh (the actor) was shooting for a commercial in this house a few years ago, and that very day the caretakers bought a pup…, and named him Shahrukh. What are the chances of me buying a house which comes with a dog called Shahrukh!!!

Some of my friends claim that I bought the house just because of the dog. I would have to be a serious fan of Shahrukh’s to want to do that. Your guess…

All I can say is I’m waiting for him to come over, .

Getting back to Settlers of Catan, it’s a wonderful game. You must try it if you are fond of board games.

All in all I am having a great time with my mom and kids here in my favorite place on earth, Panchgani. I think Kiran and I must have done something good in our life to be blessed with this great place to get away to.

My hamstring muscle seems to be healing, slowly but surely.

Catching up on films, saw Casino Royale last night which I liked.

Incidentally Panchgani is a favorite with para-gliders. Now that’s something I am going to learn as soon as I finish with the Ghajini shoot.

Well Shahrukh is once again begging for my attention, so let me get back to him. He is smelling too much, I think he needs a bath. “Heel boy, heel.”

Posted by Aamir Khan at 01:41 PM
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9784. solidpasha
Posted on Aug,30,2009 at 11:35 AM
no big deal....come on guys....a joke is a joke is a
joke...iliked the post very fact better than most
others....aamir can do no wrong.....only srk can start talking in
public about something of which he does not have full
knowledge...i feel srk was in the wrong when he took aamirs
jestful remarks in the wrong way...srks comments were say the least...

9783. 1989samy
Posted on Apr,20,2009 at 03:09 PM
The IPL started and I watched the two opening games. The interest
it generates is infectious. The beauty of the game now being that
we have a result within three hours. Which if I might say so, is
not too bad, compared to other fast moving sporting events. But
what I did observe and liked was the pas-sion with which the
teams took to the game and to each other, despite being from
different countries and having to mingle and enjoy teammates
which not too long ago they were bitterly opposed to.

9782. Kitam_H
Posted on Mar,14,2009 at 02:37 AM
no samjan, before Big B....Aamir is the greatest actor of all
time and I think he can beat Big B anyday.

9781. samjan
Posted on Mar,08,2009 at 08:28 PM
well to all who wrote the bad comments after reading the above
post of Aamir's. first of all i think it was just a joke and
secondly its for those who thinks that Aamir is not the level of
SRK woo log galti per haine as SRK can't act same like Aamir he
need years n years to reach the same level of Aamir Khan. Aamir
is only one real Hero Real Actor in Bollywood after Big B.

9780. johannes
Posted on Feb,21,2009 at 11:26 PM
You have your opionion, i have my. So let's close this topic.

PS: Very much peaple in Germany have the same opinion like me. So
you can see what disadvantages such a text have.

9779. tittleiota
Posted on Feb,21,2009 at 12:05 PM
Well, your dog and you... the number of chances on which you got
lucky to had have done something good and get this heavenly place
for yourself... is the same as your chances of gettin a dog named
Shahrukh... what a coincidence... life is jus lik that, is not
it.... and you know what, my guess is that you are likin both the
house and .... the dog... after all its a helpful creature....

Sidrah Zaheer,

9778. Kitam_H
Posted on Feb,15,2009 at 05:41 AM
johannes...i havent forgotten freedom of speech but it seems like
u have forgotten respect...i dont think but i know he seriously
meant that apology...even if he didnt mean it he still did case not here to pick fights with anyone but
i cant tolerate when someone says somethin bad about Aamir...i do
like SRK but lately hes been gettin on my nerves.

9777. johannes
Posted on Feb,15,2009 at 04:37 AM've forgotten that there is the freedom of opinion,
nobody can take my opinion...and you say aamir had apologized?
and you really think that he meant it seriously? thats why i'm
calling you a freak... he just said that because of the rumours
there have been. he had to apologize 'cause he have made a bad
impression otherwise...and guess what?! i'm not a shahrukh
fan...i don't like both of them.

9776. priya77
Posted on Feb,13,2009 at 09:52 AM
@ Aline

My house is filled with your voice and music right now and I'm
loving it!!! Woman, you are SO talented... you have such an
amazing crystal clear voice... I love Brazilian and Latin
music... so peppy and rhythmic!!! I'm a FAN now... You should
send your voice to AK Productions and maybe Aamir can start an
in-house Music department... Brilliant, your are truly gifted!!!
Hope your voice brings you all the success you have dreamt of.
And if you need a Manager... count me in :P (My only condition...
get me a cubicle close to Aamir's cabin :P) Jus kidding!!! All
the best! BIG-TIMERS, TAKE NOTE OF ALINE!!!!!!!!!!

9775. Kitam_H
Posted on Feb,11,2009 at 08:47 AM
johannes, im the freak? i need to learn some respect? no buddy
listen ur the one that is telling aamir to get a life on his own
blog...thats what u call disrespect...if u talk about aamir then
u best believe that im gonna say something to u...i love aamir
and u have no right to talk to him like that...if u do then i
have the right to talk to u the way i want...and this topic is
long gone and srk and aamir arent talkin bout it...srk might keep
bringin it up every now and then but thats not the point...this
isnt between u and aamir, its between him and srk....and guess
what? he apologized already so forget!

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