Serves me right!!!   

Now Iíve really gone and done it!!!

Just when I thought I was recovered Iíve injured myself again. And this time its worse than last time. Serves me right for taking it lightly and not resting myself enough. This time itís my left leg and yes this time it is my hamstring. So weíve had to call off the schedule, with the climax incomplete. I am so mad with myself!!!

Unfortunately itís hurting much more than last time and I am on pain killers which I donít normally use.

Not interesting enough did I say last time? Well serves me right.

It happened about 4 hours ago in Sultan Bazar. The shot was me chasing the villain and taking a running dive to bring him down. As I took the leap my muscle buckled and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and in intense pain. No idea why it happened. But forced rest now.

Only silver lining is Iíll get to see Kiran in another hour. When she heard she jumped on the flight and is on her way here.

You know, I think itís because of the thermacole.

Because Pradeep and I were supposed to fall in the shot, the fight composer Peter had laid out a layer of thermacole to break our fall. However thermacole makes the ground beneath our feet very unstable. And I think the sudden give in the thermacole surprises the muscle and causes the injury. Thatís what I think. Because in both cases, in the earlier injury and this one, we had thermacole on the ground. Iíve never had these kind of injuries before where the injury is not because of any impact but is as a result of the muscle not being able to take the stress. And never before have I been doing stunts on thermacole. This is the first time, and Iíve had two similar injuries within a span of two weeks.

The doctor has ordered strict rest for 3 weeks atleast, so Praveer you got your wish. You guys are going to hear from me more often.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 07:39 PM
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2874. rickym
Posted on Jun,17,2008 at 09:43 PM
Take Good Care of Yourself Please !!
We all need you back asap :)
Will pray for your quicky recovery !!

2873. swagatadas
Posted on Jun,13,2008 at 01:48 PM
hello Aamir,

i've just become a member of this wonderful blogging world.. i've
just completed my was during an award function at
shanmukhananda hall when i saw u limping and got to know tat you
were injured.. it just reminded me of my college days when i had
torn my ligament twice, that is once every semester... and u my
fellow mates used to ask me if it was my hobby to limp every
other semester.
Jokes apart, now i hope you have recovered fully and have been
able to do justice to your new film, because i've heard tat you
are a perfectionist.. and yes good luck with JAANE TU... i'm
really looking forward to watching it..

love Swagata

2872. hrs2008
Posted on Jun,13,2008 at 12:20 AM
This is someone else is it ? ?

Prove me wrong ... please

2871. varsha82
Posted on Jun,12,2008 at 07:15 PM
Hallo aamir,

I;m sending you this message from Suriname. I think you and your
movies rock. I liked you as a kid when you started all the movies
with Madhuri. and I cherish all those moment, hope to hear from
you personaaly. Thank god that I god to hear of this blog of
yours. I hope to hear from you soon and keep making film that are
realistic to us vieuwers like Tare Semeen.

Greetings from Varsha of Suriname, South America

2870. duraze
Posted on Jun,12,2008 at 05:24 PM
Dear Aamir, First of all a BIG thank you for all those creative
movies begining with Lagaan till TZP. It is value for money &
some great entertainment to watch your movies. We are glad &
honoured to have you in Bollywood, who not only believes in
creativity but also a perfectionist when it comes to execution.

I have couple of question & might not relate to any of your
previous blogs, I hope you get the time to respond (PLEASE)!

1. Wondering where you brother Faisal Khan has vanished, I felt
you both looked awesome in your last movie together

2. Since you have been focussing on movies that relate to the
current society (TZP being one), I was wondering if you can look
at making a movie on the most hyped industry in India today, you
guessed it right! BPO :)

3. Last but not the least, any plans of getting into politics (We
need thoughtful leaders like you).


2869. moidali21
Posted on Jun,11,2008 at 12:14 PM
Hi Aamir khan
i want to know that you have a brother Tahir hussan who worked in
yaadon ki bharat and hum kissi se kum nahin where is he now . he
was good looking too ,why is he not coming in film these days

2868. rengade
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 09:36 PM
u like good scripts...& there r good scripts in marathi film
industry...but only they lack is good production house &

plzzz try ur hand in marathi films...i m sure u will have sucess
even there...

plz think on this comment....

2867. rengade
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 09:33 PM
can u try ur hand in marathi films..not in acting but in

there r gr8 films in marathi vallu,de


2866. dharmaraj
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 06:28 PM
hi aamir, i hv already added few lines on m still nt
sure whether it all reaches u straight way or nt.........neway, m
a wildlife researcher based at pune at present....i admire ur
perfectionist approach towards whtevr u do....equally i
appreciate ur social concern.....u, sachin, rahman are powerhoses
of our ENERGY......will meet u sometime....though at the moment
it seems difficult, m very mch sure abt it........ bst regards
and wishes to u and ur wait of ur cuming
movie........god bless......

2865. gudda
Posted on Jun,06,2008 at 11:13 AM
hi Aamir...............
one more fan has been added to ur blog from jaipur,
please dont hurt yourself , i m dying to see ghazni .i love most
of your films and jo jeeta voh sikander,andaz apnna apnaa
,lagaan,tzp,dil chahta hai,fanna,dil are my favourite films.i can
watch them anytime and at any place.i luv u,please get well soon
and pls come to jpr.i wanna meet u!!!!!!!!luuuuuuuuvvvvv
u.....take care.....bbyeee

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