Alive but not kicking.   

By now y'all must have heard various accounts of my injury so I won't bore you with one more. Especially since there is no particularly death defying moment in it. It was quite a boring injury, no anecdotal value or excitement whatsoever. Roll camera, action, run into frame, grab heavy goon, slam him against wall, lift him and throw him against second wall, shout in pain, hop on one leg, wave arm to call for cut, limp off to nearest chair. End result is that I had injured the adductor muscle in my right thigh. Which in layman terms means my inner thigh. There have been many more exciting injuries I have received in my career but again let me spare you the gory details. Importantly I'm recovering well and have restarted shooting with muscle supports and belts.

I had mentioned sometime back that I would like to meet with some of you whenever I travel to some city. I am currently in Hyderabad and should be here till the 1st week of May. So those of you who would like to meet up should post your contact details and I will try my best to arrange a get together with a bunch of you picked randomly. All this depends of course on my shooting schedule allowing it.

In the meantime I am readying my self for my next release. JAANE TU.

When I say 'my' I mean Aamir Khan Productions'. After Lagaan and Taare Zameen Par this will be our third release and I am keen to complete a hat-trick. We completed our test screenings end of March, and Rahman has almost finished the background score. Today the first promo breaks on TV. It should be up on the website as well,

This will be the first film of my nephew Imran, I think I'll post a photo of him. Tell me what you think of the promo, and him.

Click to Enlarge

Jaane Tu is the debut not only of Imran but also Abbas Tyrewala who has written and directed the film. Abbas who has is an established writer having written films like Munna Bhai MBBS, Maqbool, and Main Hoon Na among others has done a great job as a director. While I was busy with TZP he was doing JT, and when I saw the completed film it was an excellent translation onto screen of the script, which for me is the most imp yardstick for any filmmaker.

But the biggest news about JT is the return of Mansoor Khan!!!

Yes, I finally managed to lure Mansoor out of his hiding place. When I took over as director of TZP I needed a hands-on producer on JT so I requested Mansoor. To his credit despite his reluctance he did not hesitate to step in. I would like to think it was because of me but I suspect it was because of Nasir Sahab. Both Mansoor and I know that Nasir Sahab would have wanted the two of us to stand by Imran at this important juncture in his career. So Mansoor makes a return, albeit as Producer.

Meanwhile for those of you who want me to accept awards, I received one on the 24th at the august hands of Lata Mangeshkar. This is an award that the hugely talented Mangeshkar family has instituted in the name of their father Dinanath Mangeshkar. It was indeed an honour to be felicitated by the Dinanath Mangeshkar Trust and to be in such august company as the other winners. Especially since the only two male Hindi film actors to win this honour before me, if I''''m not mistaken, are Dilip Kumar and Amitji.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 03:23 PM
1899 Comments  Post Comment Aamir's Responses
1879. lavy
Posted on Jun,21,2008 at 03:10 PM
Hi Aamir.....All the best for Jaane Tu. the movie looks
intersting, am looking forward to see it. the music is already
doing the rounds.especially the Jaane Tu no.. I've also keyed up
people to go watch the film...Imran looks like a cute boy.....

1878. Sonel
Posted on Jun,18,2008 at 08:25 PM
Imran is really cute! The songs are great!
All the best for the movie, m gonna watch it for sure!

1877. Gureja
Posted on Jun,15,2008 at 09:10 PM
The music is just too good of Jaane tu ya jaane na..and i really
loved the lyrics as well....very contemporary and something i can
relate to.....yeah...its nice....and with god's grace it will
definately be your hatrick....all the best!

1876. imane88
Posted on Jun,14,2008 at 08:04 PM
mignon le neveu je vois que c est de famille

1875. christinem
Posted on Jun,11,2008 at 06:18 PM
Hi Aamir,
Iv just become a member of your site and went through all your
blogs.Found them really interesting.N its nice,for a change,to
hear an actor downplay his injury!! im really looking forward to
your forthcoming 'Jaane tu'..the promos give me a feel of
freshness..the kind i saw in you and your first sure
your nephew will do well!
here's wishing you potloads of luck for 'jaane tu', 'ghajini' and
all the other work your immersed in rite now. but for me..'QSQT'
and 'JJVS' remain all time yet to see such
wonderful performances from a beginner!!
PS-Do drop in if ever your in Cal.

1874. moidali21
Posted on Jun,11,2008 at 12:16 PM
Hi Aamir khan
i want to know that you have a brother Tahir hussan who worked in
yaadon ki bharat and hum kissi se kum nahin where is he now . he
was good looking too ,why is he not coming in film these days

1873. armeen84
Posted on Jun,11,2008 at 12:38 AM
For those of you who are finding it a hard time to look for Jaane
Tu website its Thats what Aamir has on this post
but when clicked its linked to an older version of the site. The
full website has been launched and I am loving it. I am really
excited about the film now !!!!

1872. anu_22
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 08:04 PM
hey aamir....m a novice in d blogging space and jus added 2 ur
bloggers list.....jus thght of sharin my views abt ur nephew
Imran...he seems 2 b a promisin newcomer...he's gt d luks...i
guess v need 2 wait n wtch 2 judge his actin acumen...n he luks
very mch like n handsome...bye 4 nw

1871. mnawani
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 05:43 PM
hi aamir... i am new here..wanted to know how actors like me can
get a mentor like you..may be a blog on this..struggling actor
fans of such a great do we go about meeting people?

1870. sabyrocks
Posted on Jun,06,2008 at 10:58 PM
Hi I am the latest entrant to your bloggers list.
I too am eagerly awaiting the release of TZP DVD.... I have been
an ardent fan of yours since QSQT days .Wish you all the very
best for Ghajini .....
Apart from Ghajini dying to see Aamir-ShahRukh combination
setting the screens ablaze in near future..... Hope we the
audiences won't be disappointed once the right script is in the
offering for both of you......

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