Olympic Torch Relay.   

Dear all,

Over the last few days I have received several requests not to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay. Requests through members of my family, personal friends, people who are associated with the Tibetan struggle, and my blog. I have gone through and read each and every letter, message and post pertaining to this issue.

I would like to state that I have the highest regard and respect for the struggle that the people of Tibet are going through. I completely empathize with them. Similarly, I have the highest respect and regard for the struggle that the people of Iraq, Kashmiri Pundits who have been displaced, Kashmiris in general, and the people of Palestine, are going through. I have named above just a few instances of human rights violations. Across the world, and indeed within our own country too, there are several instances and examples of atrocities and human rights violation, which are still continuing. I categorically state that I am absolutely against any form of violence, and certainly I am deeply upset whenever the basic rights of human beings are violated anywhere in the world.

However, I feel that the Olympic Games do not belong to China.

In fact if we were to try and find on this planet a place to hold the Olympic Games where the government of that place has not been responsible for human rights violations (in one way or the other), then I suspect that we would be left with very few options, if any at all. If I am not mistaken almost all societies have been responsible for human rights violation either directly or indirectly, sometimes in seen ways and sometimes in unseen ways, sometimes physically, sometimes economically.

The Olympic Games represent for me the coming together of different people across the world despite their differences and difficulties. It is an opportunity for sportsmen and women across the world to showcase their talent, to challenge themselves and others, and for others to watch and marvel at the achievements of the human body, mind and soul.

Are human rights violations continuing across the globe while all this is happening. I'm afraid so. And I hope and pray for the day that we can one day live in absolute peace and harmony, where human suffering is done away with.

I am no one to tell any group of people how they should conduct their struggle. I am not part of it and am not going through what they are going through. But my heart goes out to them.

I request those of you who have asked me to stay away from the Olympic Torch Relay to understand that when I do run with the torch on the 17th of April it is not in support of China. In fact it will be with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all people across the world who are victims of human rights violations.



Posted by Aamir Khan at 04:20 PM
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5548. billy_852008
Posted on Jun,01,2008 at 01:23 AM
Aamir your cause is generous but to say that Tibet is suffering i
am afraid you are mistaken and taken aback by the influence of
propagandas spread by the western media and indian alike. Tibet
is a part of china and since most of the people there are soo
poor they cant rely but on china and has since become prosperous
under china and to separate tibet from china would be like
snapping a poor state away from india and declaring it
independent just bcz u dont want india to prosper.

5547. harry1988
Posted on May,30,2008 at 02:05 AM
hi aamir this is the first time i am visiting your blog n i am
very big fan f urs.
well i have always watched ur films on regular basis coz u have a
slightly different way of looking @ things n presenting urself on
screen. n i read in ur last blog that u had an injury @ the sets
of a movie hope u recover soon man !! exercisin will do u a lot f
good i guess !! neways coming on to this blog i really appreciate
ur thoughts on human rights violation...n no one has the right to
disturb anyone's feelings n u shud do whatever u feel like...
hope to have a reply from u soon @ my mail id chaoz

5546. jetways_6
Posted on May,21,2008 at 11:53 AM
its v d people........who r responsible.....time asks us to stand
out n get our rights.......ye i do agree vit ur thots as

5545. janglink
Posted on May,19,2008 at 11:14 PM
Hello Aamir Khan ji,

I appreciate your thought and also respect you stand... I am
Tibetan boy and we been struggling for our cause since from the
birth..... and we will continue till we die..... this is our
responsibility, duty and right...... People like you who stands
for truth and human rights makes whole news out of one
appearance.. I wish u can cme out for our sme programmes which
will contribute alot to our cause and will be very thankful....
Can u b able to cme for a short time if we organise a program jus
to show TIBET to people who dont know anything... do reply me!
thanks and i believe that we all cme here in this world with
nothing and going out with nothing but we can hve smething that
is people's luv and effection which will be alive even when we

5544. vahida123
Posted on May,18,2008 at 05:35 AM
A K disappeared ...............will comeback after the fire has
been put off

kisi ko ak ka koi news hai???

5543. figmos
Posted on May,17,2008 at 05:45 PM
im soooo sorry khan saab i didnt know. im the music composer of
the olympics torch relay event in pakistan and needless to say, a
majorly huge fan of urs. if i had read this article earlier i
wouldnt have made the music. im sorry. please forgive me:(

5542. swappyinn
Posted on May,17,2008 at 09:50 AM
There nothing goin to change until and unless we stop buyin
chinese products!!
Olympics occurs once in 4 year and the venue where it is held has
nothing to do with the athletes who practice so hard......
But Chinese olympics will only be remembered for Freedom of Tibet

5541. orbit1982
Posted on May,15,2008 at 04:15 PM
Hi Aamir...i really appreciate your stand on this. i am not a
tibetian, but i know few of them around who work in the markets ,
have food joints here and there..and what i heard from them about
the treatment they are getting from the chinese was simply
shocking.....the guy literally had tears in his eyes when he was
speaking to me..and i thought eh...does china really deserve to
be the host for the olympics? i think not....but still if its
happening , i think sports and politics should not be mixed..they
are a totally different commodities altogether...when mixed,
bring adverse effects only..we all are aware of what happend to
indian hockey...so i think you did the right thing...cheers!!

5540. dushpatz
Posted on May,14,2008 at 10:55 PM
One World, One Dream.. FREE TIBET. Im no Tibetean, but i support
the cause. Aamir, your running with the torch, has made you the
least philosopher of all. You stood for Narmada and gujurat for
the publicity of RDB. And let that be a frank acceptence.

5539. rangbhadi
Posted on May,12,2008 at 10:47 AM
Asalam Ale Kum,
That was a beautiful blog! I completely agree, every country has
human rights violations, and it shouldn't stop you from taking
the torch! I'm so glad you got this opportunity! Take care,
Allah Hafiz,

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