Olympic Torch Relay.   

Dear all,

Over the last few days I have received several requests not to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay. Requests through members of my family, personal friends, people who are associated with the Tibetan struggle, and my blog. I have gone through and read each and every letter, message and post pertaining to this issue.

I would like to state that I have the highest regard and respect for the struggle that the people of Tibet are going through. I completely empathize with them. Similarly, I have the highest respect and regard for the struggle that the people of Iraq, Kashmiri Pundits who have been displaced, Kashmiris in general, and the people of Palestine, are going through. I have named above just a few instances of human rights violations. Across the world, and indeed within our own country too, there are several instances and examples of atrocities and human rights violation, which are still continuing. I categorically state that I am absolutely against any form of violence, and certainly I am deeply upset whenever the basic rights of human beings are violated anywhere in the world.

However, I feel that the Olympic Games do not belong to China.

In fact if we were to try and find on this planet a place to hold the Olympic Games where the government of that place has not been responsible for human rights violations (in one way or the other), then I suspect that we would be left with very few options, if any at all. If I am not mistaken almost all societies have been responsible for human rights violation either directly or indirectly, sometimes in seen ways and sometimes in unseen ways, sometimes physically, sometimes economically.

The Olympic Games represent for me the coming together of different people across the world despite their differences and difficulties. It is an opportunity for sportsmen and women across the world to showcase their talent, to challenge themselves and others, and for others to watch and marvel at the achievements of the human body, mind and soul.

Are human rights violations continuing across the globe while all this is happening. I'm afraid so. And I hope and pray for the day that we can one day live in absolute peace and harmony, where human suffering is done away with.

I am no one to tell any group of people how they should conduct their struggle. I am not part of it and am not going through what they are going through. But my heart goes out to them.

I request those of you who have asked me to stay away from the Olympic Torch Relay to understand that when I do run with the torch on the 17th of April it is not in support of China. In fact it will be with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all people across the world who are victims of human rights violations.



Posted by Aamir Khan at 04:20 PM
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5558. manadeem27
Posted on Jul,08,2008 at 06:03 AM
Totally agree with you Aamir Bhai, I dont think we can find any
place where these things are not happenning....Human Rights?

5557. TseringT
Posted on Jul,06,2008 at 12:18 AM
I went thru all the comments on this topic and it gave me
goosebumbs whenever i think about our issues (tibetan). However,
I do hope that you know the real insights of things. and i
appreciate your support on tibetan cause. people out there are
really suffering. anyways i just dont want to comment more and
rather would love to exchange things non politically. take care.
lots of love from other side of world....yet tibetan-indian cum
canadian...hehehhehe. amir ya see the outcome of not having my
own country. i have to add up all my identity one after

5556. hecksangel
Posted on Jul,04,2008 at 02:36 AM
Need to research on your Palastine thingy...go on to god.com
commenly known as google.com and find out how Palisinians
manupulate the conflict to gain sympathy

5555. PreetParek
Posted on Jul,02,2008 at 11:22 PM
Hello Sir...
I just want to know that do u give opportunity to talented people
and also interested in acting.
Also wants to know how come darshil became ur TZP Hero

5554. Subh1234_G
Posted on Jun,20,2008 at 11:43 AM
Hi, Aamir first time wrt'n u smething. I don't hv word also. frgt

5553. kashif1975
Posted on Jun,11,2008 at 09:59 AM
Aamir i agree with ur version that the game do not belong to one
country,and sports shuld be taken in sportsman's sprit. every
country in some extent are abuser of human rights.those who
claims to be champion of human rights are the biggest
defaulters,they preach wot they do not want to practice.You have
done the right thing by participating in the relay,bringing ppls
together.You are trully a global citizen

5552. lingyi
Posted on Jun,09,2008 at 09:00 PM
Salaam Ustaad Aamir, My name is Lingyi. I'm from Shanghai, China.
I don't usually write fan mails to stars, but after readin your
thoughts on the Olympic torch relay, I just felt I needed to
write to you. I would like to say thank you for what you have
said and done for the torch relay. Same as you, I also feel that
Olympics do not belong to China. To me, the Olympics represent a
kind of spirit that brings people all over the world together. I
don't know if people who asked you to boycott the torch relay
because of the T issue have ever been to Tibet themselves; I
don't know if you have ever been to Tibet yourself; but myself
has never been to Tibet. I have seen smiling and happy faces of
people there on pics, as well as sad and suffering ones. I have
heard of both good and bad stories from various people and media.
If I have to choose which and who to believe, I will choose to
believe in the goodness of people, the power of hope and the
belss of god. And may God bless you too.

5551. ekaurkashish
Posted on Jun,08,2008 at 01:52 PM
well i do not wish to turn u off with my first comment... but i
am just typing in what came to my mind as i read the post... i
deal with my comments with as much innocence and sincerity as you
do your films with :-) ....

Well as per your logic, the awards the films do not belong to
award functions or their organisers... it is just an event to
celebrate the cinema, everyone present there is a winner
irrespective of the chosen one... its opportunity to celebrate
our excellence...

5550. priyabasu
Posted on Jun,05,2008 at 02:40 PM
I was realy excited when i saw u with a torch
i wish that whenever the torch comes in india they shoud give u
the pleasure to run with the torch.

5549. mishaill
Posted on Jun,05,2008 at 01:39 PM
hello aamir. this is the first time that am reading ur blog and
am glad i did cuz i was living in a world full of wrong notions
abt u. I am a big fan of urs and ur participation in the olympic
torch relay left me wondering abt how cud u get so indifferent to
ppls suffering. i was angry. angry cuzi dint want to blv that my
idol cud do something so mean. but after having read ur blog am
ashamed of myself. ur blog gave me an insight into ur version
regarding the same. Am so proud of u aamir.ur thoughts are so
naive and pure. when all others were backing out of the relay u
dint. u kept ur word and proved all ur critics wrong. Aamir we
all love u. all the best.

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