Turns out Ponting was right about his prediction that there would be no need for the third match to decide the finals! Congratulations to the Indian team for putting up such a good show. I really enjoyed watching the win. Needless to say that a win in Australia against arguably the world’s best team is especially joyous. At this moment let us also stop for a moment and remind ourselves that sometime back we were prepared to lynch the Indian team for not performing well. I hope the fans and a bulk of the national media who behaved so badly then are dropping their heads in shame. And a huge applause for Sachin whose last two innings were instrumental in securing our win. Also that Praveen Kumar is quite a find I must say.

I was a little disappointed though with the farewell to Adam Gilchrist . I think a player of his caliber deserved a better send off. Being a mushy emotional kind I would have also liked him to score at least a 50 in his last match. He certainly is one of the greats of International cricket.

Have been unwell the past 10-12 days, down with flu. Cold still not gone completely.

(post 3344) Devika your coconuts seem to be doing the trick.

(3326) Nice limerick Ashu.

(3307) Skotse White Moghuls is indeed a very enjoyable book and gives a great insight into the British presence in India. On American history I would strongly recommend a series called NARRATIVES OF EMPIRE written by Gore Vidal. It is a series of 7 books which are a fictionalized account of American history. Burr, Lincoln, 1876, Empire, Hollywood, Washington D.C., and The Golden Age. An absolutely cracking read.

(2860-2853) Zohaib, I cant make up my mind whether I should be upset with you or not.

(1381) Perdido Manuel I have made a note of your suggestions and very soon I will do the needful.

(2436) Praveer as it turns I was in Delhi on the 2nd and a good part of 3rd. Well all I can say is that you had a close call!

(3591) Did you make that yourself Devendra? Its very good. Did you use charcoal? Or pencil?

Off late what has been really troubling me is the the director’s commentary that I need to record for the TZP DVD. Personally I feel that I have said what I had to through the film. Also, I think that films should be experienced, I shouldn’t need to explain stuff. So what I want to know from y’all is do y’all really want me to do a director’s commentary for the DVD release? Also while we are at it is there something which y’all would especially like in the DVD? I’ve already put in what I think will be great extras, but maybe I’ve missed out something.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 02:47 PM
2142 Comments  Post Comment Aamir's Responses
2102. vaseem04
Posted on Mar,26,2008 at 12:45 AM
Amir, u realesed a documentary on lagaan i belive you can also
release a same on TZP, so we can also enjoy the moments that you
really renjoyed it [TZP was one of few movies which even a
tamil speaking people who can't understand hindi liked it and
watched TZP for more than four times].

2101. anzakhan
Posted on Mar,25,2008 at 03:28 PM
hey aamir!!!!!!!!!!!!
dis is anza khan
new entry 2 ur blog
i wanted to knw about d whole sharukh n aamir no.1 controversy
do u really get involved in these no. games
i hope i'm nt gettin too personal but i used to think dat u r far
above from these things
i love ur new luk
u luk fantabulous wid dis new hair styl
gud bye n take care

2100. polusam
Posted on Mar,25,2008 at 03:42 AM
Hi Aamir,

Will it be possible for you to include the deleted scenes or the
making of the movie, kind of director's cut stuff?

2099. RKalia
Posted on Mar,24,2008 at 03:30 PM
Hi,Aamir sir!!

I,Rishabh Kalia,am new to your blog...

I have been a childhood fan of yours(by the way i am 19),but
then you slid down my favourite rankins(still liked ur acting but
were not my favourite)
Then,came Lagaan...
And,after that,u have again been my favourite.. TZP only
consolidated that..

I would like to convey my heartiest congrats fr a fantastic
directorial debut....
My mother has become ur die-hard fan after the movie(since i was
also a "anokha" child throughout my childhood wasn't
dyslexic..but quite naughty and was scolded a lot fr all my

She has only one question as to why u culdnt make this movie 10
yrs. earlier wen this fact (every child is special) had not
penetrated everyone's mind??

2098. aditya2u
Posted on Mar,23,2008 at 04:49 PM
hi aamir!

2097. kartavya
Posted on Mar,22,2008 at 08:50 PM
Hi Aamir,
I am not great fan of you but i like some of your movies (sorry
if I am rude but I am being honest). One thing I want to ask you.
Is it not a double standard when you say watch only original dvd
and then u r still taking so much time to come out with one? Not
professional!!!! Thanks for reading.

2096. pishah
Posted on Mar,21,2008 at 05:32 PM

New to your fan-web but its great to see how you communicate. Was
not sure where to start so posting my first response here (a
topic a bit out-of-context for this thread :))

I understand you primary drive for a movie is the script which
actually starts with a thought. There are tons of people around
who have quite innovative and unconventional ideas. I think you
should have a area on your site where people can post story
ideas. Ofcourse people posting wont be professional writers so a
lot of filtering will be required but I am sure you will find
great stories to kickoff a project.

What you say?

2095. rakee
Posted on Mar,20,2008 at 08:37 AM
Hey Aamir

We all really want you to speak in the Director's
commentary..............It would be great to hear you speak on
certain scenes and what u really felt when u took all those
scenes............Please do that for us

And Team india is rocking.They will do well in the south
Africa Seies too

Aamr how is murugadoss?? I feel he is a really talented
Director.Nobody can Forgot a Dheena or a Ramana

And howz the music by A.R.Rehman Shaping out?? Should be
rocking na

Take Care Aamir...............

2094. sunsad
Posted on Mar,19,2008 at 09:10 PM
Hi Aamir

I am also a huge fan of yours among the millions of fans u have
got all the world. I have always loved ur movie and have been
debating with family and friends about the number one actor in
India..Well I can say that all of them have started beleving in
what i have been saying ..TZP was loved by all of us .. great
film and great direction .. U have loads of talents .. i want to
interact with you and see what ur sucess secrets are .. this is
my first attempt to write or get intouch with you or for that
matter any actor or celebrity. hope to receive a message from
you. u take care and all the best to you for ur future
endeavours.. Suneel

2093. shaoli
Posted on Mar,19,2008 at 07:08 PM
Why cricket. Very boring.Please try anything else like F1 but not
cricket plzzzzz.

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