The washer and dryer effect.   

My God! The past few months have been quite a ride. And the last month the most exciting, nerve racking, exhausting, rejuvenating, draining, enriching. Am I ever going to recover? I feel like I’ve been stuffed into a washing machine which doesn’t have an off button. After this I really need to be put out to dry in the sun and left alone. But no such luck. I start shooting for GHAJINI on the 22nd. So…

Let me take baby steps towards recovery.

First things first… I have just smoked my last cigarette before sending this post. YES I HAVE FINALLY KICKED THE BAD HABIT!!! I know I know, I can already hear all of y’all scream and shout. I was supposed to give up on 31st. But I didn’t (which is one of the reasons I was avoiding posting). I tried my best… but I''m sorry I couldn’t then… but I have now… so please don’t give me grief… instead support me now.

Second step: get back to sleeping early.

Third: Work out religiously.

4th: Get back on my healthy diet.

5th: Just stick to the above 4 for a while before taking the 5th step.

To do list:
1. Work on the DVD of TZP.
2. Work on the release plan of JAANE TU… AKP’s next release.
3. Supervise prep on DELHI BELLY which starts shoot in March.
4. Start prep work on the other one that AKP is producing later this year yet untitled.
(all this while I shoot for GHAJINI. And you guys complain I don’t do enough work.)
5. Make innovations and progress on this site.
6. Clean my study, clean my cupboard. So much junk has piled up in my rooms. Everyday I look at the mess and promise myself I’ll get down to it at some point.

I really have to get back some order in my life.

In the meantime let us celebrate India’s win over Australia. What a glorious win! Sweet and well deserved. We would have won the earlier test as well had it not been for remarkably bad luck with the umpiring. All the more satisfying because we beat a team which is unfortunately very arrogant and decidedly badly behaved on the cricket field. My sincere apologies to any fans of Australian Cricket but I fail to understand why arguably the best team in the world has to behave so badly on the field. Or why this team feels the need to use excessively aggressive heckling to try and win a match. Cant they just play better? I mean I don’t see Federer or Roddick misbehaving with each other or anyone. Well each to his own I guess. I just wish the Indian team didn’t get influenced by this childish display and respond in kind. We should just quietly play better and win… or lose, as the case may be. But play with dignity.

While on behavior and dignity, I am deeply disappointed with those of you who have watched TZP on a pirated DVD/VCD, or when illegally shown on cable, or on websites which have illegally uploaded the film. How can you be my fans, or fans of Indian Cinema, or any cinema for that matter if you steal from us? Sad.

To the rest of you, first of all I want to thank you for the respect and regard you have shown by watching the film through honest means. Your heartfelt responses to TZP are absolutely overwhelming and have left me speechless, with a warm glow within me. Cant describe it any better. Have made notes over the past few weeks in response to specific posts, but have abandoned that exercise. Maybe I’ll get into that later. Just want to thank all of you for expressing yourselves with so much generosity and sensitivity.

Having been so supportive of the film y’all will be happy to know that TZP has crossed to business of RDB.

At this point I would like to publicly thank the cast and crew of TZP for being so supportive to me in my debut film. I would not have been able to achieve the film without the hard work and commitment from all who have been involved in the entire process. Right from the research to the release.

Much love.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 02:14 AM
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3672. minu12
Posted on Mar,18,2008 at 03:38 PM
hi aamir i have been an ardent fan of yours since QSQT days.i
always loved and respected ur work.but after TZP I am
speechless.i m so proud of u and darsheel.i just want to know
that do u really feel about others pain and one
scene in TZp where u cry after watching a child clening table.the
tears in ur eyes r so real. are u the same person in real
life.everytime i see the movie i cry and cry.a perfect movie from
a perfect director.i would like to chat with u some day.minu

3671. saqibhere
Posted on Mar,17,2008 at 05:38 PM
Sorry Amir but I am one of those who watched TZP on a pirated DVD
but I am not to be blamed totally I was back home in PAK where
the movie was not released in theaters hence, couldn't be loyal
to ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. But My promise will buy the original

2ndly I just became a dad...and trust me I was scared as hell
when I heard 9 months ago that my girlfriend is pregnant and I
will be a dad. But for TZP release came at the best time. Cried
through the movie a 26 yr old man but again I am someone's kid
too right.

Thanks for using your skills and means of media in such a
meaningful manner and result is TZP.

Hats off to you.
Thanks again for making me a better dad through your movie.
Allah Hafiz

3670. MightyZeus
Posted on Mar,17,2008 at 04:37 PM
Bravo !!! ... hope u dnt pick another fag the next moment ...

3669. rsarosh
Posted on Mar,16,2008 at 10:31 PM
This is good to know that you quit smoking. Remember, you are
model for many kids and many follow you. Your bad habits
multiply by many folds, same as your good habits will do lots of
good in this world.

I quite smoking when I met Mubin who was dying with mouth cancer
at the age of 32 and leaving 2 daughters behind age 9 and 3. He
was not able to speak nor able to eat, His throat and tongue had
to be removed couple of months ago to prevent the spread of
cancer and he can only be fed through the opening above his
To spread the word I made a video interview and posted it on I put there a presentation and
slide show. When ever you feel like smoking go thru it and it
will make you disgusted with tobacco. The repeated viewing of
slide show made me hate smoking. After many years, I still crave
for smoke and when ever that happen I go thru the slide and it
turns me off from smoking. Hope this help you.

3668. Anoop20aug
Posted on Mar,15,2008 at 09:34 AM
Hi Amir- Important

First of all - Wish you mmmany--- happy returns of the day

M Anoop from US... Currently @ 31 and in IT sector. At age of 13
, have written a story for which I always had desire to convert
into a movie.. Now after 18 years, i still feel that this story
line/Script has not been there in any of India/English movie...
Only important point is that this Story need a true professional
who can give a real touch instead of messing it up. So i thought
to Post the Comment here as i donb

3667. vahida123
Posted on Mar,15,2008 at 04:05 AM

man AK don't worry...find something else to do when u r stressed
out....i have an idea....drink coconut water....isn't it a good
idea? they r easy to get aren't they?

3666. ninnu96
Posted on Mar,14,2008 at 05:26 AM
Hey Aamir
i am so ..... sorry, just read in one of ur postings .......true
those who patronise pirated dvd's aren't doing the right thing,..
but believe me, when one is away from their country,U want to lap
up all that is available wrt the country.... more so if it is a
movie from an icon like you......hope u take this in the right

3665. shriniwas
Posted on Mar,13,2008 at 09:01 PM
Hi Aamir,
I have just signed up to comment. And promise to do so regularly.
First of all, let me congratulate you on the success of TZP,
which was bound to happen, as it was really a wonderful film. I
think after Ashutosh's Swades, this was one well-made fim which
speaks about a very sensitive issue which India is facing today.
I watched your film on the first day itself and urging others to
watch it from that day.
Last week I purchased a DVD of Lagaan and Chale Chalo. I was
really impressed and inspired after watching Chale Chalo.
I believe that we only watch the end product, i.e. a film. The
large amount of efforts and perseverance gone into the making of
the film are not seen by us. It was really a great idea of taking
us through the journey of film-making through Chale Chalo. Pls
convey my regards to Mr. Satyajit Bhatkal on that. He has done a
great job.
I wish to God, you keep making such films and entertain us for a
long time.
My good wishes,

3664. vatsa16
Posted on Mar,13,2008 at 06:46 PM
Hi Aamir,
My name is Srivatsa.. U can call me Vatsa for short... I have
joined this blog after I saw u mentioning about ur blog in the
press conference of launch of mobile phone....

I am say.. U are one of few actors whom I admire from the
heart.... I salute ur commitment and waiting with fingers crossed
for ur next movie Ghajani... I have seen the original one and I
am sure that U would do a superb job in the movie....All the best
and happy blogging....

3663. khalidnoor
Posted on Mar,13,2008 at 12:35 PM
Dear Aamir,
My name is Mohamed Khalid Noor. You can call me Khalid. I am
working for a multinational company manufacturing leather
chemicals. Just joined the blog recently, my email address is . Aamir, probably you have heard this
earlier, but I have a rocking idea for a fantastic movie . In
order to convey this idea , I need to attach some music files. I
have no idea how to do that on this blog, so if you can give me
your mail ID , I can mail the details of my rocking idea to you.
Before, I end , I must admit that my entire family appreciates
your acting . recently , we were watching your old movie" Jo
jeeta woh sikander" and we were in splits watching your antics.
You really have a very good sense of humour and comic timing.
Ok aamir, hope you reply to my mail.

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