The washer and dryer effect.   

My God! The past few months have been quite a ride. And the last month the most exciting, nerve racking, exhausting, rejuvenating, draining, enriching. Am I ever going to recover? I feel like I’ve been stuffed into a washing machine which doesn’t have an off button. After this I really need to be put out to dry in the sun and left alone. But no such luck. I start shooting for GHAJINI on the 22nd. So…

Let me take baby steps towards recovery.

First things first… I have just smoked my last cigarette before sending this post. YES I HAVE FINALLY KICKED THE BAD HABIT!!! I know I know, I can already hear all of y’all scream and shout. I was supposed to give up on 31st. But I didn’t (which is one of the reasons I was avoiding posting). I tried my best… but I''m sorry I couldn’t then… but I have now… so please don’t give me grief… instead support me now.

Second step: get back to sleeping early.

Third: Work out religiously.

4th: Get back on my healthy diet.

5th: Just stick to the above 4 for a while before taking the 5th step.

To do list:
1. Work on the DVD of TZP.
2. Work on the release plan of JAANE TU… AKP’s next release.
3. Supervise prep on DELHI BELLY which starts shoot in March.
4. Start prep work on the other one that AKP is producing later this year yet untitled.
(all this while I shoot for GHAJINI. And you guys complain I don’t do enough work.)
5. Make innovations and progress on this site.
6. Clean my study, clean my cupboard. So much junk has piled up in my rooms. Everyday I look at the mess and promise myself I’ll get down to it at some point.

I really have to get back some order in my life.

In the meantime let us celebrate India’s win over Australia. What a glorious win! Sweet and well deserved. We would have won the earlier test as well had it not been for remarkably bad luck with the umpiring. All the more satisfying because we beat a team which is unfortunately very arrogant and decidedly badly behaved on the cricket field. My sincere apologies to any fans of Australian Cricket but I fail to understand why arguably the best team in the world has to behave so badly on the field. Or why this team feels the need to use excessively aggressive heckling to try and win a match. Cant they just play better? I mean I don’t see Federer or Roddick misbehaving with each other or anyone. Well each to his own I guess. I just wish the Indian team didn’t get influenced by this childish display and respond in kind. We should just quietly play better and win… or lose, as the case may be. But play with dignity.

While on behavior and dignity, I am deeply disappointed with those of you who have watched TZP on a pirated DVD/VCD, or when illegally shown on cable, or on websites which have illegally uploaded the film. How can you be my fans, or fans of Indian Cinema, or any cinema for that matter if you steal from us? Sad.

To the rest of you, first of all I want to thank you for the respect and regard you have shown by watching the film through honest means. Your heartfelt responses to TZP are absolutely overwhelming and have left me speechless, with a warm glow within me. Cant describe it any better. Have made notes over the past few weeks in response to specific posts, but have abandoned that exercise. Maybe I’ll get into that later. Just want to thank all of you for expressing yourselves with so much generosity and sensitivity.

Having been so supportive of the film y’all will be happy to know that TZP has crossed to business of RDB.

At this point I would like to publicly thank the cast and crew of TZP for being so supportive to me in my debut film. I would not have been able to achieve the film without the hard work and commitment from all who have been involved in the entire process. Right from the research to the release.

Much love.


Posted by Aamir Khan at 02:14 AM
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3682. rony_eco
Posted on Apr,22,2008 at 01:12 PM
TZP is a gem of a movie..

3681. rachin
Posted on Apr,13,2008 at 11:19 PM
Box No. 4613,

Hi, Aamir why don't you include a link to - "Report Piracy" or
something on your home page
To me sorry more than Piracy, what one feels in a movie theatre
can never be recreated at home.
The goosebumps on seeing what "Ram" painted can never be felt on
a pirated...

A Request- Can the TZP DVD Have some Bitmap, JPG files (images)
of the Paintings made in the competition

3680. reem_engineer
Posted on Apr,10,2008 at 02:14 PM
I love Taare Zameen Par

3679. bhabam
Posted on Apr,07,2008 at 04:54 PM
Dear Aamir,
Congratulations & a BIG Thank you for creating such a wonderful
experience call Taarey Zameen Par!!!
This is my second attempt to post a blog on your site...the first
one went more than a 1000 words, so it all vanished. This time
I'll make it shorter. (You should allow more word space....after
all these are words for none other than Aamir Khan)
There were many instances in the movie where it made me feel that
you have been filming real children & brought them together and
made than wonderful actor Darsheel behave the role.
None of your fans will ever buy a pirated DVD / VCD, but please
for those who cannot watch the movie in a theatre, please release
the DVD / VCD early. I'm sure every home will have a print.

3678. Sharanya89
Posted on Apr,02,2008 at 06:00 PM
I've just signed up as a member of your blog because frankly,I'm
done with BT,Mirror,Zoom and all those ridiculous news bulletins
that cater to gossip mongers.
Hearing about you from you is the best!
So here I am,an ardent fan and follower..I just had to write to
you on TZP...Thankyou for finally giving me such an amazing and
accurate song to sing to my beloved mother..I shed copious tears
and so did amma.I've never felt so good,so satisfied and so at
peace after leaving the theatre ever before.
Thankyou for bringing to all of us this heart-warming and
inspiring film.The cast was at its effective best,must say Tisca
Chopra struck a deep chord.

Now that you've finally donned the director's cap,I am rest
assured that Indian cinema will see a lot more meaning in the
years to come.


3677. sevcreid
Posted on Apr,01,2008 at 11:40 AM
Hi Aamir,
Well to begin, u are the very best and I feel that there is none
like u, each n every film that u are a part has a different story
and unique. I am 41 years old and would go any distance to watch
any film of yours, u out examples for the younger generation to
follow and do really appreciate your contribution to making this
world a better place to live, all the very best in all your
endevours. looking forward to view ur nest film.

Best Regards

3676. pankaj_r
Posted on Mar,25,2008 at 12:26 AM
Looks like everyone around has a To do list like me, which
includes !!

3675. yasinraja
Posted on Mar,22,2008 at 09:05 PM
Hi aamir I am Yasin from australia. I have been consistentley
watching you since QSQT. I have many things to tell you about but
for now let me tell you about your current buzz TZP. It was
awesomeeeeeeee.....i showed to some of the students here in
adelaide, australia and believe me there was a standing avation
in the hall. Is it possible for you to dub this movie in english
..i think its a global concept and believe me it will work.

3674. Ranganath
Posted on Mar,20,2008 at 03:21 AM
Hey Aamir, wish you a very happy birthday.

I am not sure if yo will get a chance to read this, but I really
hope you do. I wanted to ask this from the moment I saw TZP.

In the climax scene where Ishaan and you start drawing, with all
the lead scenes, camera movement and the selection of shots made
me think that you both will end up drawing exactly the same
picture, which will establish the fact that you understood the
kid completely. had this thought ever came to your mind, while
writing or shooting the scene? I am not sure if that logically
makes sense or not but I believe that would have brought big
applause from the crowd. I am just curious to know what you think
about that.


3673. minu12
Posted on Mar,18,2008 at 03:38 PM
hi aamir i have been an ardent fan of yours since QSQT days.i
always loved and respected ur work.but after TZP I am
speechless.i m so proud of u and darsheel.i just want to know
that do u really feel about others pain and one
scene in TZp where u cry after watching a child clening table.the
tears in ur eyes r so real. are u the same person in real
life.everytime i see the movie i cry and cry.a perfect movie from
a perfect director.i would like to chat with u some day.minu

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