You know when a director is thinking about his film before the release he often goes through amazing highs and major lows. One sec we feel that the film is not going to connect with people, another we day dream that it will get into the blood stream of the audience like no film before. The response that I have got for my very first film is like a dream response. I couldn’t have imagined a better response and all my day dreams have come true. Gladly all my pinching is in vain and I am still awake.

I am so moved by the response I am unable to express myself properly. I feel at a loss for words.

Thank you.

I have gone through each and every post. And I’m going to go through it again. And 20 years later I will still go through these very pages and warmth will fill my heart. So well you all have expressed yourselves. And such generosity and support. I am touched. I feel blessed.

Some of you have expressed a fear of the opening not being good enough. Please relax. The opening is much higher that I expected. Let me quickly put your fears and anxieties to rest by sharing with you a text that I received today from the distribution team of PVR:
– Good evening Khan Saab, film is headed to be the BIGGEST GROSSERS of the year. –

Even in smaller centres where I would expect a film of this nature to open weak it has opened to double my expectations and the collections have been only rising with EACH show.

The only place where the opening is below expectations is the U.K. I have no explanations for that. However the audience response from there is equally strong as elsewhere so I expect to see the collections there rising very soon.

Now let me give you an idea of what the theatre response all over is. And mind you I am saying all this because I can see an anxiety in some of you as to how well the film is doing at the box office.

It is getting a standing ovation!!! Something that only happened if I remember correctly during LAGAAN!!! Everyone is loving it. Parents, children, youth, teenagers, grandparents, everyone. People from different ecomonic and social backgrounds, industry collegues, everyone. Taporis included. The best response one of my team got is from the gatekeeper from one of the theatres. He said – “I really need to see the film. What is there in it that everyone is loving it so much”. -

So just relax and enjoy the ride. Do not be disheartened by half baked and ill informed reports. The figures are infront of me, and I am in constant touch the distribution team and trade experts.

You know before the release I had two doubts. Will kids and teenagers like it? And will people want to see it more than once? For a film to become really huge and go into ‘super duper’ category these two points are of prime importance. I am happy and relieved to say that both these questions have been strongly answered in the affirmative. The youth are loving it, and repeat viewings began on day one itself! Like in my day dream people are wanting to see the film again and again.

Let me add that, unlike my distribution team, I am extremely conservative by nature and I would hesitate to say so early in the day that TZP will go on to become the BIGGEST GROSSERS of the year. That is a big claim indeed and I would wait for the end of the second/third week before I confirm that.

For now I just want to thank all of you for such a heart warming reaction. And keep it going it, it feels like I am breathing pure oxygen.

And now I want to get back to reading your posts for the nth time.

Darsheel in the meantime, who has been reading your posts with me, is smiling as big as the final painting. He sends you his love, a warm hug and a very toothy grin. I’m going to try and get him to post one blog.

Much love. xxx

Posted by Aamir Khan at 02:08 AM
6264 Comments  Post Comment Aamir's Responses
6214. KB
Posted on Feb,12,2008 at 02:55 PM
Hi Aamir,
this is Karthik from Bangalore. I had posted several times in
your blog previously but u never replied!
I have written a "script" tentatively titled The MAHABHARATA
Code. I want a top notch director to make a movie out of it. I
have no idea how to go about! Can u plssssss help me? I can mail
u few excerpts from the script if u want. In the script I have
tried to prove that our gods were not mere mythological
characters but were very much a part of our history.

PS:this is no prank post

6213. aarusphoto
Posted on Feb,11,2008 at 05:27 AM
Hi Amir,

I have watched this movie twice and I was surprised that I loved
it more when I watched it for second time. And I am twenty one
years old and BOM BOM BOLE is my favorite song now. I was dancing
with my 2 yr old cousin the other day in this song and it was so
much fun.

Thanks a lot.

6212. parnika
Posted on Feb,10,2008 at 11:42 AM
hie aamir..................u have done such a terrific job..that
its simply commendable....connecting to young parents n kids
too...is not a small task...my 8year old daughter was stuck to
her seat throughout!t.z.p is actually a STAR movie....a star
director...a star story...n a star child actor!!made our eyes
starry wth jouful tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11love ya aamir!~

6211. sari221
Posted on Feb,10,2008 at 07:54 AM
Hi Aamir,
The main reason that I have signed up here is to let you know
how good your TZP is. I have seen most of your movies but this
is the movie that made me a fan of yours. script, music, lyrics,
actors everything in the movie is so perfect. Congradulations and
keep going.


6210. tanyawalia
Posted on Feb,08,2008 at 12:16 AM
oh my god darsheel is the cutest thing ever!
reminds me so much of my brother...
i have fallen in love with you amir.. like i said before i didnt
know there were people out there who cared..beautiful!..i love
the fact that u write blogs.. i have one of my own....
http://twalia.blogspot.com/...please do check it out when you get
time from ur busy life..love it love u love darsheel.. thanks!

6209. Gill
Posted on Feb,02,2008 at 04:30 PM
Aamir sirrrr...You take way too long too post a new blog....We
would like to hear more from you.....

6208. s_mydreams
Posted on Jan,31,2008 at 04:34 PM
Hi Aamir,
Its really very nice to see you on screen like this. Just few
days back I came to know about your blog and now I am here with
I read all the blogs you posted here all are great.
Last week I saw your TZP that is best movie of the year.
So many congrts to you for such a nice a film.
And also kudos to sweet and cute Darsheel.
Be in touch like same.
All the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6207. Sunshine1984
Posted on Jan,31,2008 at 01:23 AM
Hey Aamir...need to tell you that TZP is the greatest movie of al
times...I have never cried so much in any movie...never been so
moved by a mainstream movie so much as this...I always thought u
were overrated as an actor in Indian Film Industry..but now I m
part of those millions who think you ROCK! i salute for TZP. it
was out of this world. i cried like a baby for more than 10 mins
after the movie ended cuz I have never seen anything so good:)
Darsheel is amazing as Ishan..hes the greatest actors we have
today..I hope he choses his films wisely n not get carried away
by commercialization:)

6206. tzp1234
Posted on Jan,29,2008 at 07:54 PM
Vote for GHAJINI. if it is your most awaited flim of 2008.

6205. ayubarshad
Posted on Jan,29,2008 at 07:08 PM
Hi Aamir,
hw r u? Thank u for such a GREAT FILM! I love u, i respect your
Thank u, thank u very much!

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