Hello folks. Have been away for around a month, which is about the half way mark of my holiday, and I was missing y’all so a quick hello.

Guys, those of you who have the resources and ability to try out skiing please do so, it is absolutely one of the best things I have done in a long time. Thanks to my persistent kids I ended up committing to a week of skiing, and boy am I glad I did. We were in Banff, a popular ski resort in Canada, a very warm and friendly place and great for skiing. Lovely slopes, very good facilities and great instructors. My kids have been there twice before, first time for me. I had a great instructor, Glen, who had me doing ‘black’ slopes on day 4!!!

You have the ‘bunny’ slope for total beginners, then the ‘green’ slopes which are easy, ‘blue’ slopes which are intermediate level, ‘black’ which are difficult, and then this one slope/cliff called the ‘delirium dive’ which is for people with suicidal tendencies.

So black in 4 days as you might have figured by now is quite impressive. Well what can I say….

But seriously folks please try skiing if you can. It is one of the most challenging and exhilarating sports. Pure delirium as you rush down cutting through the ice cold air in the middle of the most stunning natural beauty, the feeling of adventure as you go down slopes which test your courage, and above all the humility you feel as you untangle your various limbs and skis trying to get back on your feet after a fall.

Speaking of humbling experiences I remember many years back I went to Disneyland with my kids when they were quite small. There roaming about in the theme parks were the characters of Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse, with loads of children queuing up with their respective parents for an autograph and a photo with their favorite cartoon character. My kids went nuts and insisted on a photo and autograph with them. So here I was, big superstar, standing quietly in line waiting for Mickey Mouse to give me an autograph for my children. And as I was mouthing the lines that I hear everyday - “Hi, my kids are big fans, can we have a picture please?” – I was thinking to myself what fun if the person behind the Mickey Mouse costume is a desi!!!

Well, once again my kids and I were in Orlando visiting the various theme parks. This time thankfully my kids have grown older so I was spared the humbling experience. One per trip is enough.

So skiing, then roller coaster rides, theme rides, water parks, and then a week in Bristol spent recovering from the skiing and theme parks. Very close friends of ours live in Bristol and they have just given birth to a pair of beautiful twin girls.

And of course my whirlwind trip to Berlin where I was most happy, no thrilled, to see some of the blog gang. I was so wishing I had more time to spend with those of you who were there. Really, it was too short the trip. But it was also something quite sudden and unplanned. Being such a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn I just had to accept the invitation and I am so happy I did. Got to meet all my fans in Berlin, especially the bloggers. Thanks for being there guys. Much love.

So having a great time so far and thoroughly enjoying myself and my children. Today also being Ira's birthday so let me get back to her.



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Posted on Jun,06,2009 at 03:33 AM
sir, This is Dr.seema dahiya from haryana but in pune seeking a course in medicine............

aamir jee aisa hai ki this is d first time im feeling ki i can conversate with a star frankly n d way i was stunned to see u in ghajini.......means so young u looked na n so adorable that words r not enf...... frankly speakin youngsters in d indusry....u bowled dem out. aneway 1 suggestions that plz main ur 8 packs as u looked great wid ur body......n i m fallin 4 u what to say ........

smthing abt d riots in australia-
i hv lots f frns in australia n it was really sad to hear abt d racist attacks dere . had spoken to 1 f my frn dey r very insecure dere.....plz if dere r smways to help dem out den plz..........hv heard that sm of d gurudwara people r tryin to help dem out anyway plz try n look in to it...

sir plz reply i wud b really greatful to hear frm u....

Posted on Jun,04,2009 at 10:47 PM
Hey Aamir, this is Vivek from Delhi. I know I am late but could not join your blogs earlier. I know I am amongst thousands of your fans but want to be unique having received your reply. Eagerly awaiting 3 Idiots and your take on the farmers of Vidarbha. Hope I get some info about the latter asap. In the end just wanna say...keep up the great work so that we keep adoring you. TC

Posted on Jun,01,2009 at 10:31 PM

Posted on Jun,01,2009 at 11:54 AM
Hello katharina, thanks for the suggestions. actually my sis is sticking to Aamir's film as a parameter...though we can surely go thru the suggested movies for more dynamics in thought. here in Kolkata its too hot and recently ravaged by a cyclone :( what film shooting were you for in Kolkata?wish you good luck with your screenplay... :) ....warm greetings.

Posted on May,31,2009 at 08:25 PM
@ Jamila, NeetaD, xAy, Breea and all the rest...! Salamm to all. Jamila Ji how are you....? Hope well and fine...! NeetaD EELLOOO you seem to be very busy now a days... is everything all right....? Hope yes...! HIIII, salammm@ Breera Mai bilkul FIT hoon aap sunao kya horaha hai aaj kaal...? Lagta hai ke bohat kaam waam horaha hai.....! anywasy, Trip waala comment parlena I wanted to write more lekin limits hai na....! lol

Anyways, TC all of u...! LOVE to all ...! byeee


Posted on May,31,2009 at 06:12 PM
@ ark: The western ghat is so lush and invigorating. We went to Wayanad few years ago and stayed in this place called Vythiri Resorts. I also remember climbing up 800 ft to see one of the oldest cave inscriptions there. I come from central kerala and have not seen too much of north kerala besides Wayanad. Would like to explore more some day.

I am planning a short vacation too... thinking of coorg or coastal karnataka :)

Posted on May,31,2009 at 05:43 PM

What will it take to get you to blog more often??? I wish you were there on twitter. I got replies for mallika sherawat and gul panag the other day and I was so hoping you were there too. I told gul to influence you to get on to twitter. Want to hear from you everyday Aamir...

Posted on May,31,2009 at 05:33 PM
@ ark, swathy: Thankkkkkkkkkk you for that Ghajini alert... can't miss it for anything in the world! Have to keep my husband busy with something else so that he doesn't hog the remote :D

Posted on May,31,2009 at 04:54 PM
Hello Aamir,

I am Ujan.
Since childhood,I am a big fan and admirer of yours films.

I really loved the book 5 point someone by Chetan Bhagat.That's why I an dying for the film 3 idiots !!!
when will it hit the box office ?

For young peple those who are ambitious to become good directors or script writers in future what advise will you give?

somewhere I read that you have a great love for the game of Chess.That's interesting .The game badly needs sponsorship and Marketing to survive and compete with Cricket.
May be Iconic personalities like you could play a big role towards proper promotion of the game.



Posted on May,31,2009 at 04:52 PM
Hie Amir!

How r U?

hope U must b busy wid ur new project on film.

best of luck.



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