Have been watching television since yesterday and to see various locations in Mumbai turned into a war zone is shocking and heart breaking to say the least.

My heartfelt condolences to the families of persons killed and taken hostage. I was feeling sick in the stomach when the fire broke out at the Taj. What would the people caught inside be going through. The fire fighters were doing their best but my imagination was running wild and I was feeling helpless watching other people trapped in the rooms adjoining the fire.

My heartfelt condolences to the family of the brave officers of the Mumbai Police who lost their lives leading from the front to take on these terrorists. Especially Hemant Karkare of the ATS who in the recent past was being targeted by various political parties for the work that he was doing. When will these politicians realize and admit that terrorists HAVE NO RELIGION. Terrorists are not Hindu or Muslim or Christian. They are not people of religion or God. They are people who have gone totally sick in their head and have to be dealt with in that manner. Hemant Karkare is an example of a brave officer who gave his life in the line of duty.

At this moment I pray that the brave officers of the Mumbai Police, the Indian Army, Navy, the NSG and the various other security forces dealing with the situation are able to end this crisis as soon as possible.

If it had just been a matter of simply fighting the terrorists the security forces would have dealt with it sooner, but here of course the situation is extremely complicated with many innocent lives at stake. The fact that the locations are huge hotels with multiple floors, hundreds of rooms, many corridors, staff quarters, work spaces, entries, exits etc, and have innocent guests still in there, have made the task very difficult and delicate.

I dread to think of how various political parties are now going to try and use this tragedy to further their political careers. At least now they should learn to not divide people and instead become responsible leaders. An incident such as this really exposes how ill-equipped we are as a society as far as proper leaders go. We desperately need young, dynamic, honest, intelligent and upright leaders, who actually care for the country.


Jai Hind.

Posted by Aamir Khan at 09:30 PM 1595 Comments  Post Comment
Posted on Jan,25,2009 at 08:20 PM
Hi, Iam working with an NGO based in the rural Kumaon working on rural development.. Iam not used to blogging but felt like doing so as didnt had anything specific to do now... No the main reason for writing back to you is different... read your comments posted during the mumbai conflict... perhaps the only bit of writing, that I have read so far on the issue, which echoed the same thoughts with which Iam struggling... I really appreciate your thoughts about of introspection and self-improvisation above blaming others... everyone of us should carefully understand the possible impacts of our actions and avoid all which in anyways harms anybody or anything... But conveying my appreciation was only partial to me writing this piece.. The main reason was different... for past many months I have been fighting myself.. though only partially.. I used to have soft drinks regularly till 2005 until I heard about the Plachimada village Vs. Coca cola village case. Rest in next..

Posted on Jan,25,2009 at 03:14 PM

Posted on Jan,08,2009 at 11:47 AM
I think that human is moving towards the end of its own race. It feels so sad to hear this news. Sometimes I wonder why people have nurtured such thoughts, what is the genuine reason behind this happening? Whatever the reason may be, it will surely be enchained with greed. Greed, lust, jealousy...all these vices are making people blind...We have to make an effort to change this world...also not completely but atleast partly....

Jai Hind

Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 06:12 PM
i feel nothing but pity for the pak administartion... i realize that they genuinely wnt to help india, get rid of the terror camps n then concenrate on other economic n political issues that r ripping their country... but they dont hav the balls to go against the moolahs n the jihadi dogs who hav captured the loyalty of the commoner of pak... n the admin cant go against the ppl... even wen their country is on the verge of being taken over by the terrorists n the talibanis .... the frankenstein that they had created has finally started to rule them n will one day perish taking the whole country along with it ... eternal chaos and anarchy is just around the corner for pak ... i hope they dnt share the fate of afganistan ...

Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 06:05 PM
the things u r sayin r old news.... as u wud know india has compltd its investgations n given irefutable proofs to the entire world including pak.... the US n UK hav examind n found these evidences credible... only the 'great' pak agencies couldnt find crediblty in it.... they wnt to visit the taj hotel now... wat the hell r they plannin to search ther now? the truth is that paks scared with the sudden shower of credible evidence that india has done... they dnt know wat to say, n the world is waiting for their response... they cant bluntly deny them as the world has accepted them ...

Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 07:52 AM
pakistan politics toward,s india and afghanistan is not good.pakistan destroyed afghanistan and now trying to destroy is sad to say but it is true.

Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 05:29 AM
I understand your explanation phil but i have seen on many news channels that interpol was not given complete information by India and they kept on syaing that they were investigating themselves independently...they didnt have enuf info to even begin proper investigation. The safron band statement is not of any value and no one buys that kinda stuff but I believe if a joint investigation with both nations is conducted monitored by a committee or something there wouldnt be any chance that anyone can create such statements or proofs it will be too transparent and fair to allow any of the parties to fabricate and make false attempts

Posted on Jan,07,2009 at 02:44 AM
True, that's so true...These terrorists have no religion.

Posted on Jan,06,2009 at 09:17 AM
i dnt know wats ur outlook abt things.... let me tell u some of the pak's conclusions on the attacks... one of their theory is that the strikes was bjp conducted ... and their great evidence to support the claim : the fact that one of the terrorirst wore a seemingly saffron coloured wrist band... n saffron, they claim is BJP's patented colour ..... i cant term all this anything but 'pathetic'. if this is the kind of investigation they want to offer, then no thanks, we are better off with our own agencies .... investigations cannot be done by anyone who just doesnt wants to see the truth, even when its flashing bright and sreaming aloud before him, but only want to prove a super myth to be true....

Posted on Jan,06,2009 at 09:10 AM
im not sure if u know that all these has already been investigated by the top agencies of Brit intel,FBI and the interpol. all of these have verified the evidences... i dnt get why involve pak investigators too now.... i mean knowing their investigation capabilities and baised outlook... let me tell u wat their investigators will bring in... they will come out with a whole new story, maybe put a totally different angle to the strike... maybe a bangladeshi angle or even a BJP angle.... their only aim to get the invetsingation out of track... the best ones to investigate it is neutral parties like fbi... thats done

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